"The Very Last row Perspective"
By Legs Long

I've noticed that most of the reviews submitted are from people who had floor seats. Now although they would have been great to have, I enjoyed myself as thoroughly as I would have had I been on the floor. Somehow (Lol) We ended up getting grey seats in the very last row. WHen the security guard told us this, we were all like "WHat!!?" Just a bit of a surprise as Ive never been to a concert at nine inch nails, and Had no idea what kind of seat I had, besides knowing it was in the greys.

We got in the gardens when they let everyone in, and made our way up, up, and higher up still until we reached those seats that I will now dub "THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE SEATS ON EARTH!" you have to be a small child to be even remotley comfortable in those things. We sat around for a few minutes until the lights dimmed a a perfect Circle came on. Now, how that band ever got the priveledge of opening up for nine inch nails I will never know. They were the most mediocre band I've heard since the backstreet boys. I was filled with an INTENSE feeling of boredom by the time they had finished thier second song because you could already tell they were'nt going to do anything interesting with thier music. It was like bad Judas Priest. Also, that man should NEVER wear those pants again. Hell those were scary. We renamed them "A perfect waste of time and space" I remember my dad and I spending the time they were onstage talking about how wired it looked when the orange lights that were flashing, made the white lettering of a big pizza pizza sign look like they disappered. They were that bad.

Finally that ended and Nine Inch Nails began to set up. The big black curtain that was mentioned in numerous reviews was pulled around the stage and then after some waiting around (APC ended at about 8:45, Thank the lord they only played for 45 minutes..) The lights Dimmed and You could hear Pinion. The crowd went crazy, and then the show started. All I have to say is "Woah". That show blew my mind. Nobody in my section seemed to into it, but I didnt give a shit if they were because I'd been waiting to see this band since the first time I heard this band when I was eleven, and I wasnt going to take it in sitting down, acting "CUltured"

I didnt sit down for the entire show. They played every single song I have ever wanted to hear. (Well actually, if they had played every single song Period, it would have been even better but, what can you do?)They opened with Terrible Lie, as you know and I was up out of my seat that second, because I really love that fucking song.. Then they played a bunch of songs I didn't expect to hear. He called us a bunch of canadian piga before he played march of the pigs. hehe. thanks trent. I love you too...;P

For intance, Get down make love. I nearly died when he started to play that. I love his version of it. It really makes you wanna...get down..get down...get down make love. lol, and I'm not sure if my ears decieved me or not, but I think on the very last "Get down make love", they used Freddie Mercury's voice to finish the song off. ALso, I had a great view of the crowd down below and when they played wish, at the Part where Trent yelled FIST FUCK, every single arm in that crowd went up. It was pretty funny to see. It was really great when he started to play the great below, I think it was..(One of the quiet ones anyhow, i dont quite remember) and every single person who had a lighter in that place lit thiers and held it up. It looked, as always, really serine and out of this worldly. I held mine high :) Then for the encore, they left us hanging for a minute (Obviously an encore, because the lights stayed off) then came on stage and started blasting "The day the whole world went away" all the guyson stage stood in a tight circle with thier instuments 9Be it a guitar or base) and played the starting like that. It was really groovy. Kind of haunting. Starfuckers got the crowd going again and than they finished with one of thier biggest songs hurt, and the thing that reeeally hurt, was when the concert ended. That was the greatest show Ive seen in my life, even when I was in the very last row of the stadium, because it was so good, I didnt notice or care for even a second.