"before he was a god, now he's so much more"
By Julian Drix

The concert was fucking awesome. While waiting for the doors to be opened, we had the luck of some Christians coming and picketing for our salvation. The crowd had a lot of fun with them, chanting things like "You Fuck Sheep" and "Your God Is Dead" etc. in response the the picketers' sign "I am the resurrection of the life." I'm sure you get the general idea here. The arena was humongous, and as we walked in we could see the APC set already up. After an hour of walking around, looking at stuff to buy we went to our seats. I was really pissed off about not getting floor tickets, but I must have ordered my tickets a few hours too late, all that was available was first level tickets. Me and my friends were considering getting into the pit anyway but during the show we constantly saw security dragging out people who didn't have the floor ticket wrist band. And so we decided we'd rather see NIN in our seats than not at all.

A Perfect Circle started at around 8 and they sounded really good, for an opening band. It's hard to judge how good a band sound when it's your first time hearing them, but I really liked it. I was too far back to see how they really looked, but with this little unocular (1 piece binocular) I could see how the band was dressed, Maynard had some long hair (I don't know if it was a wig) and no shirt on. The guitarist had a spiffy white suit on, and the bassist looked good too. But no one there really cared about APC too much. They finished after a good 40 minutes of playing and then there was a 40 minute intermission while the set changed.

Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for, the first chord from NIN!! I had a read earlier accounts of the Fragility v2.0 tour and so I was expecting to have them play Somewhat Damaged behind the curtain, and then open up. So I was really surprised when they started (without the curtain) with Terrible Lie. There were so many songs that I'll go through and give a brief synopsis of what happened during each song.

Terrible Lie was a great starting song, and it was incredibly loud and powerful. The lighting was down near the floor of the stage. The end of the song lead perfectly into Sin. I forget what songs he did this in, but in quite a few he added some really cool little things, usually containing the word "fuck." But anyway, March of the Pigs lead right into Piggy. Then, they paused for short bit and started with The Frail. This lead perfectly into The Wretched, just like on the album.

During the entire concert, Trent was (of course) running around the stage drunkenly and slamming into various band members. He would also constantly knock over some various pieces of equipment, and some stagehand would run out and pick it up. I could only think of how much I would love to have that job. Trent also constantly drank a small amount of water from a bottle and then through it into the crowd of over some band member. He also hit Charlie Clouser with a bottle. But back to the songs.

During Gave Up, these 3 large LCD displays descended. They were about 30 feet tall, I'd guess, and maybe 10 feet wide. During Gave Up they flashed red and blue, alternately. Then, during La Mer, the LCD showed water, with spreading concentric circles. Then, slowly,the water changed colors until it was a sea of orange, blue, red, yellow, green, and any other color. During the Great Below, the screens showed imagery of waves crashing against a cliff, then a field of flowers with a blurry figure (trent?), and finally a person slowly jumping into some water, but upsidedown. That was so cool. I have a slight memory loss from the next few songs, but i'll skip to Get Down Make Love. I was really happy that NIN played that, I remeber reading about another account where the person said some people were bitching about NIN not playing that song. So ha losers, they played it for me!! Then came closer, another crowd favorite, with the LCD displays pulsing red and blue with the song. They ended with Head Like a Hole, to which I tried to sing along with. However, I couldn't hear myself at all at that point, and my friend said that I was incredibly off pitch. Embarassing.

The Encore was really cool. The second song was Even Deeper. To that, Trent said, "I forgot how fun it is to tour. I should do it more often. So here's a special song for you, we don't usually do this" It rawked. Starfucker, Inc. was next, and Trent said something really cool in the middle of the song. After repeating "Don't You?" a few times, he stopped and said "Ya know what? FUCK YOU!!" This was obviously aimed at Manson, which does make me sad but it got a good reaction from the crowd. Then, they ended with Hurt. And i'll leave that to your imagination.

The concert was the best experience i've had in quite a while. It was just amazing, and Trent and the crew didn't miss a beat. Before, Trent was a god to me, now he is so much more.