"..greatest experience of my life.."
By Jake

PINION-I wouldn't honestly consider this a song, it was more like an intro to "TERRIBLE LIE" since, it was only the last three grinds of the guitar from the very end of the song.

TERRIBLE LIE-This was even more amazing and rage-filled live, you could really hear everyone screaming "Hey, God!" as loud as the possibly could! The lighting for this song was also done very well. PFP: "I'm all alone in this FUCKING world you must despise," "You FUCKING promised me!"

SIN-This sounded absolutely nothing like any version of "SIN" I have ever heard and it was still so amazing words can't describe it, definitely one of the highlights of the evening.

MARCH OF THE PIGS (all the pigs, all lined up)-This was definatly the song that got the crowd worked up the most, and the extended ending only added to the moshings and beatings, this is a song that should never be taken off the setlist. PFP: "The stupid FUCKING pigs have won tonight"

PIGGY-Well "PIGGY" was without a doubt the WORST song of the evening and in fact it was the only song I didn't enjoy, especially knowing that sometimes they do "SOMETHING I CAN NEVER HAVE" instead which is my all time favorite NIN song. The drums and the extended ending to this song were very well done but as my friend Lindsey said it best "This song sucks there is no point to it, and it only has about five words."

THE FRAIL-Take what you know about "THE FRAIL" and multiply that by about a million and you get to what I experienced, not only was it performed without flaw but he added in so much extra that I will remember it forever. The only thing I didn't like was the amount of people cheering during this song, I thought it was rude and obnoxious!

THE WRETCHED-This blended in perfectly with "THE FRAIL" and you could tell how much the crowd loved this song, screaming every word in sync with Trent and the boys. During this song they lowered the LCD screens and flashed red and blue so fast I started seeing purple spots everywhere.

GAVE UP-It sounded much more supped up and techno than the original version but it was still great watching how well the band worked together to make every little sound in the song.

LA MER-This was much better due to the fact we didn't have to hear a French woman on crack singing words we can't understand all through it. The LCD screens began with images of drops hitting the water and rippling off soon the water changed to a purplish-red and you could see the sun setting over the horizon, then once it got dark you were taken to a women under the dark waters, I am not sure if she was supposed to be a mermaid or not.

THE GREAT BELOW-This is one of my favorite NIN songs and I personally thought it was going to suck live, but they sure proved me wrong. People were whispering that the LCD screens were broken at the beginning, because the picture wasn't moving but then as Trent's vocals began the waves came crashing down. You saw Trent walking through a field of "Fragility Flowers" and then falling into the water and slowly drowning. This would make for a great video if they used the same footage as for the LCD screens.

THE MARK HAS BEEN MADE-I never thought an instrumental could be so powerful but with help from the LCD screens Trent pulled it off beautifully. First you saw him running though murky waters in the pitch black night, then as the guitars picked up flames came over the screens and the band almost appeared to be on fire.

WISH-This is basically what you would expect from "WISH" live, however I would like to note Trent said "26 years on my way to Hell" instead of "35." PFP: "I hate everyone, so FUCK you!"

COMPLICATION-This was done very well but I think I would have lost interest if it wasn't for the kaleidoscope of images on the LCD screen, at one point the swirls of color appeared to be two people kissing.

SUCK-"This is a song I wrote with Pigface about 5,000 years ago," even though in my head I knew they would do this I wasn't expecting it but I enjoyed it A LOT. PFP: "I'm Jesus FUCKING Christ of ecstasy"

GET DOWN MAKE LOVE-"This is not a song about fucking it’s about, making love," words can't describe how thrilled I was when this song began since I never thought in a million years they would do it.

CLOSER-I thought it would have been poetic is Trent had said "Now this is a song about fucking," but alas he didn't. "CLOSER" sounded amazing, Trent was acting odd though after the main vocal part he started running all over the stage, at one point he tried to push Robin into the audience, poured water all over Danny and started slamming Charlie's keyboard. He then started screaming like Axl Rose and didn't even sing the "through every forest, above the trees" part. The LCD images are hard to describe the closest I can get is, bubbling blood.

HEAD LIKE A HOLE-The LCD screens and every light on the stage flashed white on every loud beat of the song it was blinding, but it fit the song perfectly.

TDTWWA-I personally donut really love this song but it was so powerful and different live that, it put me at a lose of words. The vocals the music everything was hyped-up to perfection.

EVEN DEEPER-"This ones for you, we don't even know how to do it" my first reaction was, couldn't they do a song that doesn't suck just for us? Then I realized how different it was live, I don't think I could ever listen to the album version again, because there is no comparison. The LCD screens looked like images of flowing water with light bouncing off, it almost looked like lightning.

STARFUCKERS, INC.-After Trent did the three quiet "Don't you"'s the crowd kept on chanting it in the silence it was truly unbelievable, when Trent came back in he screamed "FUCK YOU" once and then went back into "DON'T YOU."

HURT-I won't lie to you I CRIED it is such a powerful song and even more so live, that it just moves you. Where the chorus begins it's almost like your listening to a different song. After it was finished Trent said "Thank you" about ten times (I'm not kidding) and Danny threw every water bottle he could get his hands on into the crowd. the second the distortion stopped the stage lights stopped flickering and the arena lit up, I realized the greatest experience of my life was over.

At one point in the show Trent also said "I forgot how much fun it is to tour, I'll have to come back real soon," but I forgot to write down when thinking I would remember.