"I will always remember it. "
By Nick
My girlfriend and I have just gotten back to college from the nin Buffalo show. We were able to get floor tickets three days ago. A lady after the show told us that trent was staying at the Hyatt hotel. He supposedly stayed there before. After hearing that there would be a two hour wait outside of the dome to see the band, my girlfriend and I decided to catch one of the last electric cars up main street to our hotel (the Radisson), get our car and drive back to the dome. We stepped off the electric car and saw the Hyatt one block from our hotel. Since we were so close, we went to Hyatt. We sat in the lobby for about 2 hours. There was a prom going on upstairs, and people waiting for rappers Redman and Ghostface Killah; they were staying at the Hyatt also. At 1:15 AM, my girlfriend called out my name twice and said "there he is". Yes, there he was. Trent Reznor, what looked like two bodyguards, and his dog Daisy. Trent had a dark coat and dark pants on, with a towel around his neck. No band members in site. My girlfriend said "Trent", and he looked over and slowed down. One blonde haired bodyguard said to my girlfriend "I'm sorry, we usually don't do this at the hotel darlin'". So as I stood there frozen (what else do you do when you see Trent Reznor 5 feet in front of you), Trent started to walk over to the elevator after seeing the bodyguard talk to my girlfriend. I didn't even take a picture until it was to late and he already stepped on the elevator. I did not want to offend him, I have never wanted to get in his way, just respect him from a distance. Before he stepped on the elevator he glanced over as if he were sorry that he did not talk to us. We understood because he looked extremely tired. We didn't even think that we would see him, I think that is also why I froze. It was only my girlfriend and I, trent, the two bodyguards, and Daisy. Everyone else was either outside or in another room. My girlfriend has never listened to Nine Inch Nails on a regular basis, but really wanted to see the show. I have been a fan for years, but this was the first time I have ever seen them live. It ranks #1 on both of our favorite concerts' lists. We encourage everyone to see it. I hope to sometime speak to Trent, but seeing him walk by me in a public environment was great and I will always remember it.