"you will not be dissapointed"
By 29A

pinion, terrible lie, sin, piggy, march of the pigs, i think the frail, the wretched, and gave up; i forget what order, then la mer, the great below, the mark has been made, wish, complication, suck, closer, get down make love, head like a hole

the encore being: TDTWWA, i think somewhat damaged, starfuckers, and finally hurt!

ok, got in around 8:15 for APC. Being a huge fan of tool, i was disappointed. It was definitely heavy but just not connected. anyways, the bassist had one of those fishnets on and i swear i could see her nipples! anybody else see that?!

now for nin! let me start by saying i saw nin the last time they came to mtl and the one thing nin does right is openings! during the last time, the opened with pinion which seemed to have lasted forever which was incredible. this time, pinion was short lived but the stage had a backdrop and with the nin crew behind it, lights behind them would project a shadow on the backdrop => infuckincredible!

during the set, trent gets down in front and starts walking in front of the crowd, i got a chance to touch his hair as he passed by!

they played piggy, which is a personal favourite! march of the pigs came on and the pit was moving enough and i slowly wedged myself to front center! one comment, usually i respect the bouncers but there was one bald asshole that would push crowdsurfers on the sides once pulled out. to all those gay fagots out there that like to treat concert-goers like shit, fuck you!

gave up came and that's when i destroyed my neck for the evening, nuff said!

they played la mer, which i find ok, and then the great below which i find is absolutely mind-blowing! it just builds up to a climax and then kills you inside. during these "slower" songs, they had like 3 huge rectangular shaped lcd screens playing fucked up shit! they either had videos or sound visuals, sorta like winamp plugins that display psychedelic visuals in synch with the music! if that wasn't cool enough, the tv screens would come down and shit also!

i also really enjoyed the mark has been made, the sound was heavy! thing is, on there last tour, allot of songs sounded different, less "refined" and more guitars. for example, songs like reptile would be like totally different and heavy but not unrecognisable! all the songs this time were "as is"; ok not exactly but i hope you understand what i mean.

wish was great as always. they played complication which is a favourite though i wish they played just like you imagined! now that's what you want to hear before a hockey game! during wish i think, trent gets behind fink and starts pushing him, you can see finck resisting but trent keeps at it and pushes finck in the bouncer area. finck was sprawled on the floor for a good 10-15 seconds before getting up and back on stage!

get down make love was a special treat and so was suck. the sound coming out was stunning, i don't know what to say, it just was perfect. and starfuckers was so crazy! during the second chorus when it ends with "don't you , don't you,..." the crowd was singing those two words while trent and co. just played the ending notes over and over for a couple of reps. trent then comes in and says something like" ahhhhhhhhh, fuck you" and then continues with "don't you, don't you, starfuckers..."

the show ended with hurt and let me tell you, you look at this guys face, its like he poured his heat out singing this song. it was inspiring. like the comment with the perfect intro, nin has also got the perfect exit also! life wouldn't be the same without trent. so for all you who attended at mtl, i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did! and for all those whose show is coming up, you wil not be dissapointed, and for all those contemplating buying tickets, let me give you a virtual smack across the head hopefully knocking some sense into you!