"The whole experience was incredible"
By Violet

My friends and I hit the road for Toronto around 4:30 on friday with the hopes we wouldn't be too late for the show.. So, we get into Canada, and are on our way, get to Toronto go get my friend and then went into MLG. Of course we got padded down, pink wrist bands, and headed out to the floor. As soon as we got onto the floor my canadian friend and I lost the rest of them but found a spot in the crowd until we could find them again. We missed half of A Perfect Circleís opening set, but from what I saw they were very good. So they finished, and we walked around the back of the crowd as people left before NIN came on. We found the rest of my friends, and rejoined them. At 9:30, the show started. There was the black curtain around the stage, and they "opened" with "pinion" which went into "terrible lie" as the curtain opened. As far as I can remember, the set list went something like this... "pinion" - "terrible lie" - "sin" - "march of the pigs" - "piggy" - "gave up" - "suck" - "wish" - "the wretched" - "the great below" - "get down make love" - "down in it" - "head like a hole" - "closer" - "the day the world went away" - "starfuckers inc." - "hurt" and a handful of instrumentals from "the fragile" and since Iím not clear on which song goes with which name, my best guess is "the frail" - "la mer" - "the way out is through" - "the mark has been made" ..maybe that was it, I think there were more, not too sure. They played for an hour and a half.

At one point Trent talked to the crowd about how it had been a long time since they had been there, and he thanked us because they were really looking forward to playing for us, and how that was a rare event. He mentioned something about how the cheering made him happy, and that they would see everyone in the fall (november maybe?) The show was beautiful. The stage was pretty small, smaller than what I expected. They had 3 LCD things, that they used for lighting as well of just pictures...they moved down from above them pointing down, to behind them and they moved front and back, and it was a really cool effect.

During some of the instrumentals they used them for natureish pictures of water, and a field of tulips, and it was gorgeous. After the first 3 or 4 songs, the crowd mellowed out, and were amazing. The beginning was nuts of course, and we got thrown around a bit but after Piggy, it was great. I had a perfect view of the stage the entire time, we were about mid stage mid ice. I had no problem with people around me. What else..god it was just so incredible...The best show Iíve ever been to...Ok, so they closed with "hurt" the LCD screens were behind Trent and light just shown on him and it was so great. Everyone was singing along, and had the lighters going.. it was surreal...The whole experience was incredible...i was truely amazed Trent is probably the most beautiful person I have ever seen, He is amazing.