By Vincent Valois

I went to the Montreal show Yesterday. It was the first time I saw NIN live and it was the greatest thing that happened in my life heh. The first part wasn't so great though with Maynard and A Perfect Circle. They had good songs but...always sounded the same. Every song had the same pattern and they didn't play Diary of a Madman. They looked stoned as hell and didn't say a damn word all the time (except a little something about their album coming out soon). The lighting was very great, but nothing beating the NIN's one. Even though I didn't like APC's performance, i have to admit that Maynard is an impressing singer. He's got a great voice

Nine Inch Nails came in pretty soon after APC. I had read in other reviews that they played Somewhat Damaged behind the curtain but they didn't. They started with Pinion and followed immediatly with Terrible Lie. Somewhat Damaged was replaced later with Get Down Make Love. I can't really say what part of the show i prefered, but the La Mer/The Great Below part impressed me pretty much. You could feel emotion floating while looking at the incredible images on the three screens. (**A little word to the bitch who shaked her arms in my face and the stupid guy trying to mosh during the great below : FUCK YOU). Another part that was very great was Starfuckers Inc, especially the "Don't you, don't you" thing. He stopped and the crowd continued like ten times yelling DON'T YOU !!!! Still in the encore, they played Even Deeper after TDTWWA. It wasn't one of my favorite songs on the fragile but the way they played it live was so ...intense. This was definitly the greatest show i've seen in my life and i would certainely not hesitate to go see them back anytime they come back. (P-S : Thanx to the guy who went away with my sweater, you're a GREEAAAATTTTT guy.)

Here's the songlist. I'm not sure of the order, though i'm sure as hell of the songs. Pinion (curtain's on)
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
The Big Comedown
Gave Up
Get Down Make Love
La Mer
The Great Below
The Mark has Been Made
Head Like a Hole

Encore :
Even Deeper
Starfuckers Inc.