"Definitely a night to remember."
By Ron

I just got back from the NIN concert in Montreal, Quebec, and what a show it was!! I was disappointed that they did not perform "Somewhat Damaged" as it is my favourite song off the new album. Nevertheless, every song they did do was performed to perfection. The set list was: pinion(as intro) into terrible lie, sin, march of the pigs(into all the pigs, all lined up), piggy, gave up, the frail, the wretched, complication, la mer, the great below, the mark has been made(a funkier version), wish, get down make love, closer, head like a hole. The encore was: the day the world went away, even deeper, starfuckers inc., and hurt. This list might be a little bit off because I didn't bring my pen to write it down. The songs are all there, though. The show lasted an hour and a half, but it felt more like 45 minutes. Trent jumped into the crowd during the "nothing can stop me now" of "piggy" and left the crowd the mic when he got back on stage; one girl was heard continuing the line a few times. Trent also threw the guitarist into the crowd during "head like a hole". That was pretty funny. Apart from that, it was just straight up, head banging, rockin' out. The crowd itself was pretty lively, but I think we could have been livelier considering the high octane energy of the performances. I won't include the folks on the floor, though. They were body surfing away and jumping to the music for all it was worth (especially for the "classic" tunes). In all, I give the concert a big thumbs up (I even got blown on the way home!). Definitely a night to remember.