"NIN were brilliant!!!"
By Eric

A Perfect Circle did an excellent job opening for NIN. Maynard's voice was outstanding, and seemed to improve with the progression of their set. APC's music seems to be a real combination of typical Tool rock tracks, and a more melodic and sublime sound. It sounded quite beautiful and powerful. And of course, Maynard continues to be one of rock'n'roll's greatest chameleons.

As for NIN.... Well, I had high hopes, as one should when seeing band of such caliber. And unquestionably, NIN fucking blew the roof off of The Molson Center. After starting out with Pinion, Charlie led everyone into Terrible Lie; which is overwhelming in power, still (more than 10 years after it's conception)!! Other classics, March of The Pigs, Piggy and Head Like A Hole were powerful, and as penetrating as ever. Songs that really stole the show: Even Deeper: With spine-tingling video backdrops, and perfect sound, this song proved to be one of the night's best. Trent's voice was outstanding, and the crowd let him know it. TDTWWA; Everyone was left staring in amazement, especially with the haunting ending to this brilliant song. Other stand-outs include: Sin, Gave Up, Wish, Hurt, The Wretched, Complication.

The lighting and entire set was ideal. It created a more intimate feel, as if the show were in a smaller club rather than a huge arena. I might add that the crowd was larger than I had expected. In fact, Trent commented on just how impressed he was with the turn-out. I haven't heard any official count, but I'm guessing there were at least 10,000+ people. Perhaps someone else could post an official count. Certainly, the Molson Center (which can hold 14,000 for concerts- 21,000 normally) seems quite filled, and with an enthusiastic crowd. Most, including myself, were dressed-up for the event. There were industrialists and goths abound. What a beautiful sight!

I purchased a 'backstage-pass,' and 'photo-program,' after the show. Not unlike any other concert, the prices were quite high. Nonetheless, there were many very cool shirts and collectors items for sale. And from what I could tell, much of it was selling very well.

I haven't much else to say at this point. The show was just spectacular. Trent sounded incredible, and Robin, Charlie, Danny and Jerome were outstanding!!! I try to catch around 30 or so concerts a year, and this one was definitely one of the best I've seen in the last 4-5 years. I hope everyone gets a chance to check them out on this tour.