"Today life seems boring."
By David B.

Last night NIN was in montreal for a concert. Today life seems boring. I just can't find the words to express how great it was. After the excitement and thrill of the ouverture (pinion), the guys played terrible lie. The set list as something like this. I'm pretty sure of the first 8 songs ad the 6 last, but for the middle, forget it.

Pinion-terrible lie-sin-march of the pigs-piggy-gave up-the frail-the wretched-wish-complications-la mer-the great below-get down make love-suck-the mark has been made-closer-head like a hole Encore The day the world went away-evendeeper-starfuckers, inc.-hurt

The lighting was so amazing. I'd like to tell all about the show, but i guess that the real thing is surely better so i'll just talk about some facts that smashed me. First, NIN was in shape : from the beginning until the end, the guys moved on stage the way i never saw a band move. One time trent threw a guitar high and it crashed on the stage, then he pushed robin in the front row (with his guitar). Trent threw also a great amount of bottles of water in the crowd, one splashing on my t-shirt. They did not talk so much to the crowd, trent only saying thank you a few times and once telling how he appreciated the crowd of mtl. The song that surprised me the most was suck because i wassure they would not play it. The most heavy songs were absolutely march of the pigs, wish, suck, gave up and starfuckers inc while the most relax songs that brings you tears were of course la mer and hurt, this one being the highlight of the night in my opinion.