"coolest gig I've ever went to.."
By Kargath

This was the coolest gig I've ever went to. It was my first NIN concert too. Everyone was so eager to see Trent, the crowd was screaming "NIN!" 30 minutes before APC was even on the stage. The crowd was simply awesome. Then came APC. I never heard them before, and they are quite good! One song had a cool lightning effect going from right to left along with the drum and the lyric, it was a memorable moment. But like any goth rock, it's hard to thrash along with and I seemed to be the only one liking it. Oh well. As maynard said : "Thanks for listening!", at least we have to give him credits, he knows most people don't give a shit about his band, hehe. But I'm going to buy their CD when it comes out, I really liked the last songs they played.

After 45 minutes of atmospheric music, came NIN, it was about time! Surprisingly, they skipped Somewhat dammage and went directly into Terrible lies afetr Pinion. The curtain was only there for Pinion and the bass from The New Flesh. Terrible lies is so great live, it's incredible. All the PHM era songs are simple stunning live, with heavy guitar and live drum, it's so fucking cool! On Sin(I think), Trent even came down in the crowd! And, I'm not sure, but I even think he let someone sing the lyrics! Or maybe it was Danny/Charlie, but I didn't recognized the voice. The show was incredibly well structured. When I was going to fall on the floor of exhaustion, the band played a more relaxe song. When I was ready to jump and scream, they went with more heavy songs. Trent was jumping and running everywhere, throwing water bottle on the crowd everytime he was not signing. The LCD screens were great too.

One surprise was Get Down Make Love, and everyone seemed to know the lyrics, which is surprising and showing that we aren't posers in Montreal =) But the big surprise was in the Encore. I was hoping for Just Like You Imagined, but they surprised us with Even Deeper, which is awesome with Jerome on drum! I already liked that song, but live it's a completly new experience! It's not Just Like..., but it was awesome nonetheless!

One strange thing was when they played hurt. Was I the only one with a lighter? But even with no lighters, the crowd was singning softly along with Trent and it was an awesome experience. This song have so much emotions in it, it's incredible! No one tops NIN live! The band is awesome. Oh, and I thought NIN would be different without Vrenna, but Jerome is simply stunning on drum, he knows his stuff!

The Highlights : One APC song, All PHM era songs, Gave Up, Complication, Even Deeper, Hurt. The crowd! The Letdown : I wish I could have stayed and try to meet the band, but I couldn't.