"If I had a dream last night it was the most sonic, lights genius, bones breaking show I have ever seen."
By Danny Raxxx

If I had a dream last night it was the most sonic, lights genius, bones breaking show I have ever seen. The show was fantastic, both for the crowd and NIN. The show was almost sold out except for little hole in the stands. I was into the pit and I stayed there from start to finish. The most violent part of the show was Starfuckers Inc and let me tell you song by song what happenned.

(I will not review APC 'cause I did'nt really liked it much. Too much moody songs not enough hard songs)

The new flesh (on tape): Nobody seems to reallise the show is almost at is beginning and everybody is talking and smoking (what ever tabacco or something else)

Pinion: Just for a minute, the band is hiden by the black cloth. Lights begin to go down as the lights make the band appear in shadows

Terrible lie: The cloths went off and Trent walk from a endless stage from the far behind. (Crowd went nuts)

Sin: Nobody expected that song but the crowd got really heavy for this one. Its one of my favorites.

March of the pigs: I would like to say anything about this song but into the pit with march of the pigs is like being in a bull's race but trying to stay in place instead of running for your life.

Piggy: What? Did I eared well? Piggy? GREAT. That was the reaction of the crowd. But for a moment I think Trent did not expected the crowd to be so quiet. And after a minute he stop singing and waited for the crowd to sing. So we did. But until that moment nobody realized how much we have been hypnotized by the song. So a lot of people just laught when Trent stop singing 'cause everybody did not realized the quietness of the crowd until that. Everybody enjoyed the song. The first cool down song (I needed that)

The frail: WOW (not much to say except that word)

The wretched: The three giant screens went on and the crowd really sang every word of the song. Great one.

Gave up: Violent and speedy. The crowd went nuts and trash was tick and bone breaking.

Get down make love: Another suprise. Everybody sang this song and Trent really had a good time.

La mer Great Bellow: Both songs was amazing and everybody listenned to it. And sang to it too.

The mark as been made: Great song and violent at the end (ready for wish)

Wish: Just in one song I encountered a knee on my back, a punch behind my head, and I got tilted for most of the song. The trash was so violent I tought I was ready to collapse. Thanks god I made it throught. This a classic, and even after a decade this song is still as fresh as it was.

Suck: I got suck to the closer position on the floor I have been until the begining of the show. (7 feets from trent) Great song but I felt like there was a buldozer ready to crush the crowd to the stage. (Ouch)

Complication: At that time just the name of the song really matched the situation into the pit. Listen to the song on your cd player. Listen to it carefully. Imagine this song played as loud as it can be and you can imagine the trash, this is a complication. (GOOD ONE, one of the HIGH point of the show)

Closer: The lights for this song are amazing. Just watch it, try to watch it, I know that into the pit it's not easy but try.

Head like a Hole: What do you think, we don't know its the end of the show!! OK LETS BREAK SOME BONES (That was in some point what the crowd would say if it could speak)


The day the world went away
Even Deeper

For the encore, I will not go song by song 'cause for me this part is a just one major part of the show. The four songs just fit so much with each others. The crowd was speachless, the only thing we could do is sing and let me tell you that Starfuckers is a hell better live then on cd. EVERYBODY SANG FOR EVER the DON'T YOU part. Trent just smiled and listenned to us with satisfaction. Hurt was the last one and everybody wanted more but we know that after an 1h45min, the show will stop for real.

Only one disapointment, I would liked they played somewhat damaged, it's my favorite song from the fragile.

So the lights was fantastic, the band was great, the crowd amazed. Good luck for those who will see them. Take cover.

Thanks NIN. Hope to see you soon.