"a good night seemed to have been had by all."
By Craig Irving

My friends and I arrived early because we were catching a bus in from Ottawa. We walked around the Molson Center so we'd be familiar with where we were and where we were going. We heard NIN playing a bit during soundcheck (Terrible Lie was played) and then left for something to eat...and blah, blah, blah...

Came back, got down to the floor, and talked between us and took many glances at our surroundings. Then I see this gorgeous (in my opinion) blue-haired goth/glam goddess walking down the stairs onto the floor with her buddy aswell. The fact that she looked so good gave me a feeling that was just a hint of the good things to come that night (no pun intended).

A Perfect Circle began, and quite frankly, I was bored. It just didn't interest me terribly; I'm sorry to say. The music was mediocre but it was pretty boring to watch. I hear their Toronto set was a little more interactive/exciting though. My friend really enjoyed the show, but my interests lay elsewhere that night....

Then Nine Inch Nails began... though I was still distracted by the blue-haired goddess, I plunged into the pit and stayed in there and moshed for a good 20 minutes... after I absolutely could not cope any more, I escaped and got some water and ran into my 2 buddies again, after loosing them in the first place. Then continued back into and out of the pit....etc...

Nine Inch Nails were great... the sound was great, the video effects were great, and the lighting was pretty good too. I can't remember the exact setlist (my friends probably would, they're a little more obsessive) but it seemed identical to all the other songs that have been played so far, much more the same order. They did, though, play my favourite track off the Fragile "Even Deeper" which seems hasn't been played elsewhere on the tour so far. I guess i'll consider myself lucky.

Good pit too, quite friendly. I had a great time at this show... for many reasons... including the goth/glam girl I saw, and commented to as to how great she looked :)

So in conclusion, a good night seemed to have been had by all. The bands were punctual and the show ended near 11pm.

If you want to ask me any questions or comments about the show, or if you happen to be the girl i've been referring to most of my review.... send me an e-mail, i'd love to talk to you.