"Where the Fuck Were You?"
By Antonin M.T.

Here's just a small review for a show that can't be described but must be lived...When we arrived to the Molson Centre (which was just about filled to capacity), there was some ambient techno music playing, that I think must have been written by NIN since we could recognize some parts of The New Flesh at some point... The show started at 8 PM with A Perfect Circle. The crowd was quite responsive, which was cool. Maynard, the singer (who has let his hair grow quite a bit since Tool's Aenima) said that A Perfect Circle would be back in Canada during the summer, touring in a festival across the country (which I believe must be the EdgeFest). A Perfect Circle ended its show at 8:45. Then, at 9:20 NIN appeared... I don't want to spoil anything about the show by describing the set or the entry or anything, but here are a few interesting events that took place in the evening:

Trent pushing Robin Finck in the crowd during a song (Finck just had time to take off his guitar before he fell in the crowd) Trent throwing a 15 feet in the air Trent descending to the crowd during Gave Up and having a girl sing in his mic During Starfuckers, inc... people started singing "Don't... you... Don't... you..." and Trent mocking the crowd by simultaneously singing "Ha...Ha...Fuck...You..."

The show was superb...

1 guitar
2 keyboards
1 basedrum
About 30 water bottles