"Nine Inch Nails REALLY blew me away!"
By François Bilodeau

Whoa! Nine Inch Nails REALLY blew me away! It's only the 6th show I went to see in my life but this one was definitively the best. I won't really talk about a Perfect Circle because I didn't really listen (although the lighting was good). But when NIN started playing Terrible Lie I said to myself: "All the times I watched Halo 12 and thinking how cool it would be to be in a NIN show, now finally here I was!". I started to really realize what was happening! The lighting was incredible and there was three giant screens that showed videos of various stuff. On Gave Up there was red and blue flashes, on La Mer there was water and somebody swimming, on The Great Below there was a couple of landscapes (tulips...), people in a field, ocean, coasts, etc., on Closer there was blood like drops and flame. I think that on Even Deeper there was also flames, on Complication there was fast moving patterns and there are probably a couple which I don't remember quite well. The sound was incredible: every instrument was perfectly heard and Trent's voice came out very clear. A lot of songs were somewhat different from the album and that was very cool. Suck and Get Down Make Love were so cool because there were new to this Tour. Get Down Make Love had some cool guitars! It's incredible how all the songs sounded live! I could go on and on talking about each songs and how they sounded great! Trent HAS to release a live cd of the Fragility Tour!

Trent was throwing bottles after bottles of water in the crowd (takes a sip and then throws the bottle!). He especially had fun throwing water on Charlie's keyboard! He broke a guitar, threw a mike stand, had fun in the crowd during Piggy. The only disappointment I had was with some of the people in the crowd (the ones who weren't on the floor). Come on, don't just sit people; get the hell up and scream, move and do something! Like I said the lighting was great and during the heavy parts of the songs all the spotlights were opened and flashing with all kinds of colors, especially red, blue, green and purple. On Hurt there was a big white spotlight in the corner near Finck at the beginning of the song. Trent spoke to the crowd and told us that he didn't know if after not coming to Montreal for such a long time we'd respond to him. Well he told us that he wasn't disappointed with the crowd and that puts him in a good mood! Then came the encore. TDTWWA was very different to the album and it was cool how they played it in circle at the beginning (Reznor, Finck and Lohner). Jerome Dillon was very good at drums (especially on Even Deeper). This show was worth every fucking dollars it cost me! Even if they'd cost me a hundred it would still be more than worth it! Trent had so much energy and it was very contagious! The crowd sang on mostly all the songs. If you like NIN you'll be very pleased and if you love NIN you'll want more!!