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Win this original art
used in Mew's 156 music video!

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This August, Mew will be releasing their brand new album (No More Stories...). In addition, they will be joining Nine Inch Nails for many of the farewell shows through NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

To celebrate the release and ensuing "Wave Goodbye" shows with NIN, we are giving away an incredibly rare piece of original artwork by Ron Rege Jr, from Mew's "156" music video (as seen on the right). This drawing was donated by our friend @bill_h - he owns all of the drawings from the video not owned by the band, themselves.

That said, here's how you can win it: Link people via Facebook or Twitter to this page using the URL - that's it, really. If you need a suggestion or two, try something like "Check out the contest NIN's opener, Mew, is doing:" or "I just pre-ordered the new Mew album from - can't wait to see them open for NIN" (please include the link so that we can easily search for it to pick the winner at random)

And should you be interested in Mew's new album (which hopefully you are, it's incredible) are some places you can pre-order it as well as the brand new video for "Introducing Palace Players"...


If you live in...
North America

InSound (CD comes with bonus 5 song Mew EP)
Newbury Comics
(CD comes signed by the band)
Finders Records
(vinyl at the super low price of $15.97)
| AmazonMP3

If you live in...

United Kingdom

| AmazonMP3


P.S. In case you missed it, Mew's doing a little giveaway of their own for a few more days: