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| 21 february 1997 |
pc gamer mag
the annual awards issue of pc gamer magazine gave quake the winner for the "special achievement in sound" award (thanks to matt hill): It's a tragic fact that sound is still all too often considered an afterthought in computer game design. A soundtrack is normally added towards the end of a game's development, when time and resources may be too tight to give it the attention it deserves. Yet anyone will tell you that when a game's soundtrack hits the spot, it ups the play experience immeasurably. This is particularly true of immersive first-person 3D games like DOOM and DUKE NUKEM 3D, and so it was encouraging when we heard that the guys at id had hired their rock 'n' roll buddy Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails to mastermind the soundtrack of QUAKE.

Reznor's input paid off tremendously, but in more subtle ways than expected. Reznor's heavy rock audio CD sondtrack was fun, but most gamers play without it because it's too much of a distraction. What worked were Reznor's ambient backing track and those horrifyingly meaty sound effects. The tortured shamblers, and the deep echoes surrounding all the effects combined to create an atmosphere of terrifying subterranean menace. And if there was an award for individual sound effect of the year, it would surely go to the brilliantly uncomfortable sound of the player's character, desparately choking and gagging for air after emerging from underwater - an effect so convincing it can leave you catching a fresh gulp of air, just in case.

Reznor's dark view of the world slotted in perfectly with QUAKE's brooding theme, and kudos goes to id for putting those who claimed this was just a sales gimmick in their place - in an age when game boxes are plastered with stickers and flashes proclaiming soundtracks provided by third-rate rock bands, Reznor's contribution to QUAKE was nicely underplayed, letting his work speak for itself.

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i've been getting a few emails as to the validity of the song samples found here are. those are made up samples of made up songs, it's all fake -- in other words they have no official bearing with NIN or trent or anything. have your laugh and move on. also on the same topic is the site www.nin.com, which is not the official NIN pages or anything (meaning that "downgrade" is not nine inch nails related), but instead is the site of "neural internetworking," a company of mark beeson, a talented webber.
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