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| 26 february 1997 |
yes, that was most definitely chris vrenna performing "1979" with the smashing pumpkins tonight at the grammys. he was not playing the live drums (they had 2 drummers), but was instead doing some sort of midi-triggerred electronic drum part.
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einsturzende neubauten
rumor has it that e.n. are in the process of being signed to nothing records. atn reports: "Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is in the midst of negotiations to sign one of his heroes to his label, according to a source close to the "Closer" singer. The source told ATN that Reznor is in negotiations with the legendary German industrial group Einsturzende Neubauten (which translates into "Collapsing New Buildings"), the Berlin collective that have been making a big noise on anything in sight since 1981.

The group, notorious for their use of "found" instruments, most of which were not originally earmarked for music making, including power drills, glass, boulders, metal pipes, sledgehammers, powerlines, and water towers, have released material sporadically in the 90's, due mainly to a raft of side projects, including Blixa Bargeld's work with Nick Cave's Bad Seeds and the group Stein, percussionist F.M. Einheit's solo work and collaborations with guitar deconstructionist Caspar Brstzmann, and guitarist Alexander Hacke's work with the post-modern country outfit, the Jever Mountain Boys. Their most recent album, Faustmusik, was released on Mute last year.

Reznor is also involved in ongoing talks with former Judas Priest leatherneck Rob Halford (whose band Fight thankfully met an early demise), and the artist known as Plug, aka Luke Vibert, aka Wagonchrist, who did some remix work on Ruby's 1996 remix CD. Reznor is trying to sign all three to his nothing label, and insiders expect the Neubauten deal will be concluded within a few weeks. The source also said that Reznor continues to write new material for the next NIN record, although it's unclear when that release will surface." thanks to ed.

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