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| 22 march 1997 |
entertainment weekly
in the march 28th issue of entertainment weekly (with "tv's most famous commercials" on the cover), there is a pic of trent with this blurb about the perfect drug video next to it: " 'the perfect drug' nine inch nails // morbidity can be a beautiful thing--at least in the hands of director mark romanek. his indigo nightmare casts nail trent reznor as a romantically obsessed blue blood. befitting nin's hissing music (from the lost highway soundtrack), the sleek visuals combine the arch severity of edward gorey drawings with the cracked wit of a tim burton movie, all reborn with romanek's own touch of evil. a" so the video got an "a" rating. this is on page 66. thanks sean.
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halo eleven
it has been pretty much verified that an import perfect drug ep (with many remixes of the perfect drug) is going to be halo eleven. lenny at interscope says the ep should be out in april or may. thanks chris.
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new shirts
weathermen records are offering 5 new shirts dealing with halo eleven (the perfect drug single). the shirts represent different ideas contained on the art of the perfect drug promo, which will also probably be the artwork for the publically available halo eleven when it comes out.
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a couple of magazines are repoting the new nin album to be that "impossible pain" stuff still. all reports of this and anything else connected to it are false.
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