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| 25 march 1997 |
anyone out there use commonwealth network? in case you didnt know or haven't seen a critical breakdown of their services, look here for a critique of the company and what it "offers". (sorry, this really isnt nin related)
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it seems that nin's cover of "metal" will not be included on the upcoming 2-disc gary numan tribute album after all. the "phantom song" was mentioned in an interview and has been awaited for ever since. marilyn manson's "down in the park" will also not be featured. a complete track listing: St. Etienne ("Stormstrooper in Drag"), Matt Sharp (Weezer) and Damon Albarn (Blur) ("We Have a Technical"), Gravity Kills ("Poetry and Power"), Peck Slip ("I Can't Stop"), An Pierle ("Are 'Friends' Electric?"), EMF ("We Are Glass"), The Magnetic Fields ("I Die: You Die"), Jesus Jones ("We Are So Fragile"), Posh ("She's Got Claws"), Earl Brutus ("M.E."), Underdog ("Films"), The Orb ("Jo the Waiter"), Kenickie ("I'm An Agent"), Jimi Tenor ("Down in the Park"), Moloko ("Are 'Friends' Electric?"), Chris Holmes ("Remember, I was Vapour"), Towering Inferno ("Metal"), Dubstar ("Everyday I Die"), Amanda Ghost ("Absolution"), Deadsy ("Replicas"), Pop Will Eat Itself ("Friends"), Republica (featuring Gary Numan) ("Are 'Friends' Electric?"), Windscale ("War Songs"), Bis ("We Are So Fragile"), Dave Clarke ("Cars") and Sukia ("Me! I Disconnect From You"). thanks matt and ed.
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the current issue of alternative press (offspring cover) features an article on the bootleg industry, with a sidebar proclaiming nin as one of the ten alternative acts that is bootlegged the most, sharing company with the cure, morrissey/the smiths, and others. marilyn manson is featured as one of the acts "bubbling under" in terms of bootleg popularity. nin is also mentioned several times in the article, including a slight implication that the ultimate source of the some of the bootlegs may be the artist itself.
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manson's wrist
saturday 3/22 manson cut his wrist on a light bulb (by accident) at the show in hawaii. they could not stop the bleeding and he had to be rushed to the hospital, cancelling the show. then band will return to the road as planned on april 5 in lacrosse, wisconsin. thanks gengis and ed.
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new formula fax out: Current SPIN cover man Trent Reznor (#1 Most Vital Artist) looks to the talents of The Orb, Space Time Continuom, Plug, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Aphrodite to remix his current single from the Lost Highway soundtrack, "The Perfect Drug". Release date will be announced soon for the NOTHING label. thanks brian.
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