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| 29 march 1997 |
edward gorey
a page about how the "the perfect drug" video was influenced by artwork by edward gorey is available here. it contains screen captures of the video posed next to scans of gorey's art. it's very interesting, as trent had told me that the video was in fact an representation of gorey's art, trent playing a character in the art itself, and the page shows this very well.
thanks pme.
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jedd again
today jedd the fish played another clip of trent on out of order, about 8:30 am pacific time. trent was talking about live shows: "... ridiculous, stupid, but it's fun, you know, so it's a different interpretation than music, and a bit of the humorous aspect comes from it, not that it's a comedy routine, you know, but it's not everybody slitting their wrists onstage..." thanks mike.
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the perfect drug shirts seem to be available in some stores now. go snag em while you can! thanks mike.
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new material
brian from axcess magazine saw danny lohner backstage at a jane jensen show. danny said that both the tapeworm and nin albums were far from being ready for release. they have a lot of material put together, but there's not exactly sure what's tapeworm, and what's nin. he did say that trent still had to write lyrics for the tapeworm music. thanks brian.
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mtv seems to be showing off and on another one of those artists in front of the silver bedposts / purple background things, this time featuring trent. he talks about liking new orleans, and riding his bike. thanks jean.
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i've had a couple questions on how to play realvideo files. go to http://www.real.com and download the realplayer.
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