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perfect drug ep
guns n roses
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halo eleven in u.s.
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| 07 april 1997 |
perfect drug ep
may 13th is the magic date.
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guns n roses
it seems that rolling stone online has reported that chris vrenna and robin finck have joined up with gnr on their latest efforts, reported here. upon asking chris about this, he replied: its not true. so it's not true.
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circus magazine is reporting on the new "impossible pain" album. they are dumb.
3 9 18 3 21 19

life magazine picked tds as one of the best albums of the 90's here.
12 9 6 5

floria just finished shooting bowie's new "dead man walking" video. she is also starring in both versions of the new rusty video for "empty cell" (an indie canadian band). both videos were directed by famous adult-film director bruce labruce (although nothing private of floria is shown).
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according to kerrang! magazine, trent is mixing rob halford's new album, tenatively titled "gear". it is said to have a "strong industrial influence".
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the names proposed for the new coil cd have included "international dark skies", "backwards", and "god please fuck my mind for good". trent did not play, co-produce, or write anything on it, but the album, whatever its name, will be on nothing records later this year.
3 15 9 12

kiss the stone, a big bootleg company, is going under. they offer some nin bootlegs. if you support that, you can get them at low prices now.
11 20 19

tower records' magazine "pulse" features its 1997 metal/industrial special report, and trent is prominently featured and mentioned.
16 21 12 19 5

looks like sister machine gun are having problems with their label management (tvt). i've been asked to post this in good faith: As you may or may not know, our relationship with TVT Records has taken a turn for the worse. We have tried our hardest to please TVT in the last couple of months, doing things for them simply because they asked, without question. As it turns out, they asked the impossible, which was for me to compromise my artistic beliefs. I am simply not capable of that particular thing, and a couple of hours ago, I told them pretty much where they could put their compromise.

As a result, we have reached something of an impasse. And that's where you guys come in. Following this letter is a list of e-mail addresses, of all the pertinant people at TVT. I would like to ask each of you to send e-mail to them, on a daily basis. No big rants, no name calling. Just a little note, like "Hey, just wondering where the new SMG album is?" or something to that effect.

There are over three thousand recipients of this mailing list. If you do this for me, it will at the very least put a dent in the processing power of their internet server, and at the most, it might do some good, and you can say to your friends, "the new SMG album is out, and I helped make it."

Thanks for all your support, in the past and the future.

-Chris Randall
-Sister Machine Gun

Steve Gottlieb, president: steve@tvtrecords.com
Sean Roberts, A&R: sean@tvtrecords.com
Paul Burgess, VP of Marketing: paul.burgess@tvtrecords.com
Carleen Thomas, publicity: carleen@tvtrecords.com

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the february 1997 raygun magazine cover story on trent is now available here.
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