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| 11 april 1997 |
another rumor
rumor has it that trent is looking to distribute works from warp records and rephlex records, or possibly buy both companies outright. they house such big names as aphex twin, cylob, squarepusher, autechre, and jimi tenor.
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japanese commercials
there's a website for that group of japanese people on mtv doing those zany commercials.
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addicted to noise reports: "That upcoming NIN remix EP will feature a number of remixes of the song "The Perfect Drug" (the single from the Trent Reznor-produced "Lost Highway" soundtrack album).

Putting their mark on "The Perfect Drug" are the Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, Space Time Continuum, and Plug. The EP (due May 13) will also have a bonus "NIN remix" that a source told ATN starts off with a "sort of Aphex Twin vibe and then goes into a harder, more Trent vibe."

A DJ-only promo remix by Aphrodite will also be made available around the same time.

As for Reznor's Nothing Records label, ATN has just learned that both Plug (aka Luke Vibert aka Wagonchrist) and legendary industrial group Einsturzende Neubauten have finally signed on the dotted line and joined the Nothing family.

Plug's first album for his new boss will be called "Drum and Bass for Papa" and is expected later this year; no word yet on when Neubauten will make its Nothing debut."

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cleveland online
i got this message from the web developers at cleveland online's music section: The Cleveland Live music section has just completed the massive undertaking of documenting the Cleveland/Akron music scene from the '60s to the '90s, called Cleveland Rocks. This piece contains all sorts of interviews and rare pictures from 140 Cle (and Akron) bands through the ages. There is quite a bit on Trent Reznor, including his '80s groups like The Innocent and Breathless, Exotic Birds and Slam Bam Boo. Filter, Prick and other NIN-inspired groups are also covered. If you're interested in NIN and Trent's pre-NIN days in the influential Cleveland/Akron scene they came from, you shouldn't miss this guide. here

A history of Trent's pre-NIN days can be found here: here

Even cooler, the site has archived the best of an old local zine, CLE, online. This zine which began in the '70s chronicled the burgeoning Cleveland/Akron scene before anyone else. Included in the section is an early story on Kevin McMahon in his pre-Prick days. here

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the pulse! metal/industrial section, the article "metal machine music" gives these little tidbits: rob halford's project/band for nothing records goes by the name of gimp.

quote from electric hellfire club's thomas thorn:

"nin revolutionized the industry. you can get up onstage with keyboards and a dat now, and people consider it a rock show. it's definitely easier for a band like us to open for a band like danzig since a lot of the metal people who might have problems with us and just saw nin a few months ago. it's just rock music now. you may or may not like it, but nin and marilyn manson have broken down a lot of the barriers that existed between genres."

but not everyone agrees. cevin key, formerly of skinny puppy, states:

"puppy always had guitars in our music, but i worried about the prominence, because in a sense it's morphing the whole music back into what everyone was trying to get away from. the reason i started writing music was because i was so sick of every other type of music that i had to do something for myself that made sense to me. now--and the new nin single ["the perfect drug"] is a good example of this--we have rock music crossing over from a scene that started out doing something different."

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crow 3
"the beat," the gossip column of billboard magazine, reports this week that rob zombie will direct and has written a script for the next "crow" movie (old info). "it's not really a sequel," he stated, and added that he's also working on a score with nine inch nails.
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star wars
there's a rumor on australian radio that trent will have an acting part in the prequels to star wars. i doubt this heavily and it's a rumor.
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from the official "download" (that's a band name) page: Just got word from Philth that Fu, him and rave are going down to New Orleans to do some work with Trent Reznor... I would assume it's some remix work.. once I get more info, I'll be sure to add it to this space.
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suddenly susan
yikes. some character mentioned nine inch nails on nbc's suddenly susan last night.
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import or domestic?
i've had many questions as to if halo eleven will import or domestic. last i heard it was to be import (uk) only.
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