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perfect drug ep
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Tuesday the 15th
official site?
time's 25
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Thursday the 17th
halo eleven in u.s.
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Saturday the 19th
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vrenna with sp
the wall
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| 15 april 1997 |
official site?
ok. i finally got around to salvaging the old forum texts that were on the official nothing site, extracting from the database, repairing, hiding some information (usernames, deleted messages), and then flushing back together (perl rules). i have split it up into 2 parts. the first section is about 250k worth of messages in chronological order that came from the site. the second collection is just 20k worth of the postings in the "help me i am in hell" thread on the nin forum, an area where people discussed personal feelings and thoughts. i hope this can perhaps tide you all over before the site goes up. on that vein, i've had many inquiries on when/if it will be finished. it's the same story, we are waiting on artwork. the art director trent has chosen hasn't delivered the content when it was desirable (last november), but he is getting on the ball and we should have it be the end of the month. then i'd say give it another month or so for us to finish, etc. and test everything. so there's a rough timeline. we do not plan to reinstate the chat system before the site goes up 100%, as it took too much time and budget just maintaining that portion. so please enjoy this stuff and give us a couple more months.
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time's 25
trent has been named one of time magazine's 25 most influential people of 1997. mtv online news had this to say: April 14 [10:00 EST] -- Head Nine Inch Nail Trent Reznor and producer extraordinaire Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds rank with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell among "Time" magazine's 25 most influential people in America.

The April 21 issue, which hit newsstands on Monday, hails Reznor as the "anti-Bon Jovi... the lord of Industrial" and credit his "vulnerable vocals and accessible lyrics" with sparking "an Industrial revolution: he gave the gloomy genre a human heart." full text of the article can be found here. thanks jameka, warren, and anand.

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import v. domestic
it looks more happening that halo eleven will be released domestically. uk release dates are usually mondays, and may 13 is a tuesday, in accordance with u.s. release dates. also the stock number on the new shirts has an interscope-style prefix, which doesn't match the radio single promo, indicating there's another interscope halo eleven, i.e. domestic. thanks michael and leviathant.
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maxwell cover
i got the following news about the singer maxwell covering "closer": NIN fans that watched the April 6th edition of VH-1"s "Hard Rock LIVE" may have come away with the feeling of seeing something vaguly familiar. They did, since R and B singer Maxwell covered "Closer" during his lively set, abet an almost unrecognizable version. Only the first seven lines of the lyrics were used, and even they were rewritten or edited. The rest of the words, including the key phrase, "You make me feel closer to god," were removed entirely, and replaced with a lengthy instrumental section. The artist seemed to greatly enjoy doing the song, but it is not on any of his current releases, and I don't know if there are plans to record it. He did want to "LOVE us like an animal..."
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manson affadavits
to point out some of the lies shown in those affadavits, i received the following points: point number 1 story 1: Marilyn Manson does NOT have a female musician (guitar player) Twiggy is the closest you could get, and if he was wearing panties... well, there'd be a lot up front. :) point 1 story 2: There are ALWAYS cops at Marilyn Manson concerts. It would be a VERY large liability not to. At every concert I have been to there are police. also it seems that the affadavits are offline. may they got too many replies to their falsities. anyway their homepage is located here. thanks kielena and boo.
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plug's album "drum and bass for papa" is out in europe on cd and double vinyl. it is not on nothing though. it represents the talent of luke vibert.
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