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| 17 april 1997 |
halo eleven in u.s.
formula is confirming the fact that halo eleven will be released domestically. no word yet if there will be a slightly different version in the u.k. or anything of that sort.
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quake in rs
rolling stone for 1 may 1997 mentions a bit about quake: "...The best of the beast blasters are Quake (Id Software; top) and Duke Nukem 3D (GT Inetractive Software)...."

"Quake is the more technologically advanced and artistically rendered, delivering a true 3-D enviroment that's dramatically powerful..."

"Both QUAKE and Duke have spawned mini-industries that produce levels to provide continuing adventures after you've conquered the the basic game's challenges. The two QUAKE ADD-ON PACKS just released by Activision (with Id's Approval) are richly detailed and extremely challenging."

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rubin confirmed
from atn: Star Producer Rick Rubin Signs On For Nine Inch Nails Album

Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil Kaufman reports: American Recordings honcho Rick Rubin (Run-D.M.C., Beastie Boys, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers) has agreed to produce the next album from Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails.

Sources close to both parties told ATN that the pair, who worked together previously when Rubin produced "Piggy (nothing can stop me now)" on 1995's remix CD Further Down the Spiral (featuring Dave Navarro on guitar), are slated to get together once Reznor finishes preliminary songwriting and arranging, which he is currently working on at his New Orleans studio.

Meanwhile, as previously reported in ATN, Reznor has summoned a number of name remixers to work on "The Perfect Drug," (May 13) his drum-and-bass single from the Lost Highway soundtrack.

Reznor, currently gracing the cover of TIME magazine as one of the "25 Most Influential People In America (1997)," will get his song worked over by The Orb, Space Time Continuum, Plug (aka Wagonchrist aka Luke Vibert, an artist Reznor recently signed to his Nothing record label), Aphrodite and Meat Beat Manifesto. also, in allstar's news sidebar (www.allstarmag.com/news) there is talk about an upcoming nin book, marilyn manson book, and about vrenna working w/ sp, not working with gnr, and his solo project, tweaker. thanks matt and dave.

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the biography 'nine inch nails' due on july 10th from st.matins press (author matrin huxley, who's done ac/dc and aerosmith bios) will be delayed. the reason being of a legal nature, he can't get anyone to go "on record" when talking about trent... and it's making the lawyers nervous. no word on a new release date.
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i normally dont post most of the manson news i bet, but this is purely an exception. as you may know, there's been a lot of talk and controversy surrounding them (for some odd reason...), and a bunch of government people don't want them performing in certain places.

first, those affadavits are offline, but there is a teen report of a concert here. it's good for a few laughs.

i got the following first-hand account of the virginia situation: I'd just like to tell you about the new controversy over a Marilyn Manson concert where I live, in Richmond, VA. It's making front page news here and I just saw it today on MTV.

Almost a week after tickets went on sale, City Manager Robert C. Bobb has decided to cancel the concert because "Satan worship and animalistic type of programming is not consistent with the image we're building for our community."

While he has decided to cancel the concert, the fact remains that the band has already signed a contract with the Richmond Coliseum. Because of this, the American Civil Liberties Union will sue the city by the end of the week because of illegal censorship. They feel that they can get the lawsuit over with before the concert (scheduled for May 10) and have it go on as scheduled.

For more information on this controversy, I ask that all come to my home page at http://www.cybermail.net/~dead_angel to find out more about the concert (including full articles that have appeared in the local newspaper). I ask that all support this concert even if they don't live in Richmond.

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