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| 19 april 1997 |
new album information
mtv news confirmed rick rubin's collaboration/production help with the new nin album: MTV News confirmed the Rick Rubin production credit on the next NIN album, although they stated that Rubin's involvement is to "help produce some tracks" and that "Reznor's spokesperson offered no details as to how extensive the collaboration will be, or when it will be released." meanwhile, this posting made its way to alt.music.nin: From: Lucas Martin <lmartin@interscoperecords.com>
Newsgroups: alt.music.nin
Subject: Press Release: New Nine Inch Nails album.
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 11:30:02 -0700
Message-ID: <33590F2A.2C7A@interscoperecords.com>
Reply-To: lmartin@interscoperecords.com

Press release from Interscope Records, for immediate release:

the new NIN album, which has not been titled yet, is ready to record. Rick (Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers) Rubin will be producing it. Trent Reznor will be doing lyrics, vocals, programming, and additional guitar. Danny Lohner will be doing strings, Charile Clouser will be doing real drums, real-time keyboard and synth, and drum machine programming, and Sean Beaven engineering. the line up for the tour will be Trent (vox, some guitar), X-Mas (of Sister Machine Gun on guitar), Danny (bass), Chris (drums), Charilie (keys), and Sean (sounds). Robin will eventually take his place back when his scedule allows. Also, it is planned that Clint Mansell will appear as a guest on some songs. the set will have all of the new album, and some old ones. they definently plan on playing "Piggy" and "Hurt"

the Tapeworm album will be more of a metal based record, with Trent producing, each these people will be contributing the following:

Rob Zombie (White Zombie): vox
Chris Randall (Sister Machine Gun): vox, guitar
Page Hamilton (Helmet): vox, guitar
Tod A. (Cop $hoot Cop, Firewater): vox, bass
Perry Farrel (Porno for Pyros): vox
Jared (Chemlab): vox
Tommy Victor (of Prong): vox

Trent will play guitar and sing on all the other songs, and Danny will play bass. Danny will play bass on the songs, except for Tod A.'s, but Danny will play guitar on that one. Trent will play guitar on the above songs that don't already have a guitar player (except Tod's). Charlie will do the drumming and programming.

The live lineup will be basically the same, only with Chris on drums, with Charlie handling triggers and drum kit things.

The first tour will be a US NIN tour co-headlining with Meat Beat Manifesto. Plug will open. Then there will be another nin tour, this one in Europe, with Plug co-headlining and Bentley Rhythm Ace as support. Then Tapeworm will be opening for Rob Halford's band. this is UNCONFIRMED. the only lead on the 'officialness' of this press release is that the email was apparentely from interscope records. it does sound somewhat fishy, and i will try to get a confirmation soon.

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not for money, eh?
blackrose says he never has used his page for profit. well now it looks like they're selling "improbable pain 97" t-shirts for $20. i dont know if they've sold any or anything, but be aware that these are not official of course, as is everything connected with all that.
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vrenna with sp
the rumor of the new song vrenna's been working on is confirmed by atn: The Smashing Pumpkins have recorded a new song for the soundtrack of the upcoming Batman and Robin film entitled "The End is the Beginning is the End."

The song features former NIN member Chris Vrenna and will be the first single from the album. The Pumpkins are scheduled to convene with the movie's director, Joel Schumacher, next month, to film a video for the song.

The fourth Batman caper features yet another new Dark Knight, this time ER's George Clooney, with side-kick Chris O'Donnell, Batgirl Alicia Silverstone, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy and a silver-flecked Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.

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the wall
the following was posted on alt.music.nin recently, about the possibility of trent doing some work on the 20th anniversary of "the wall": Out of the May issue of Blast magazine (British Publication) a short article was written about how Roger Waters is redoing a 20th Anniversary version of the Wall and has talked with Trent about producing it, and possibly preforming on it. Waters also is rumored to be assembling some "allstar" musicans to play on the record that will contain previously unreleased songs like "when the tigers broke free" and some new pieces, instrumentals and effects (In my opinion thats where Trent would fit best.)
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there's an article there on sonicnet bashing the perfect drug video pretty bad.
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