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| 23 april 1997 |
new manson disc
there's a new promotional remix cd out simply titled "marilyn manson", catalogue number int5p-6170. It has four tracks: "the horrible people (radio edit)" (4:25), "the tourniquet- prosthetic dance mix (radio edit)" (4:09), "the horrible people" (5:12), and "the tourniquet- prosthetic dance mix" (7:24). the remix credits: "The Horrible People"
Remixed by Danny Saber
Sonic Rape & Pillage by John X
Addtl. Cock Rock Bass by Damian Savage
Second Engineers: Gabe and Jim
Remixed at Soundcastle Studios, LA, CA

"The Tourniquet- Prosthetic Dance Mix"
Remixed by Sean Beavan and Marilyn Manson

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a local store in canada called "row" is taking pre-orders for the tpd single. possibly expect other stores to follow.
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manson obscene?
from atn, about recent manson bashing by government: Addicted To Noise staff writer Chris Nelson reports: The City Council of Richmond, Virginia will conduct an executive session meeting today to decide whether to allow a concert by Marilyn Manson to be held at the Richmond Coliseum on May 10.

As reported in ATN on Saturday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia is preparing to sue the city if the concert is canceled. "If the city of Richmond does not decide to allow the concert to go on by the end of the day, I am confident that Marilyn Manson will be joining us in a lawsuit," ACLU executive director Kent Willis told ATN this morning.

The council's executive session begins at 4 p.m. EST, with a decision expected by 5 p.m. "We are prepared to go ahead with the lawsuit literally within hours of their making their final decision," said Willis. A representative from the law firm representing Manson is in Richmond today preparing for the council decision.

Today's meeting follows a Friday (April 18) announcement from Ozzy Osbourne that he will sue the state of New Jersey for the right to bring his Ozzfest concert to Giants Stadium on June 15 with Marilyn Manson on the bill (see story in Sat., April 19 edition of "Music News of the World."). On Friday, officials for the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority (which oversees Giants Stadium) issued Osbourne an ultimatum: Remove Manson from the line-up or the stadium will refuse to host the concert.

A statement issued on Friday by the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority read: "The promoters have informed us that Marilyn Manson must remain in the show, therefore based upon our stated position we will not allow tickets to go on sale tomorrow."

***John Malm, a spokesman for nothing Records (the label for which Manson records), told ATN only that, "We support Marilyn Manson's First Amendment rights. This is a First Amendment issue, and that's what Ozzy's standing behind, and that's what we're standing behind." ***

Neither Osbourne's management nor the Sports and Exhibition Authority were available for comment this morning. However, Perry Serpa, publicist for Ozzfest, said that heavy metal's elder statesman "is not gonna take it. Personally, I think it's ridiculous and it points to censorship."

Marilyn Manson is scheduled to appear at fewer than 10 of more than two dozen Ozzfest tour stops.

The ACLU of New Jersey may step in to defend Manson's rights. Ed Martone, executive director of the ACLU of New Jersey, told ATN that the organization could "potentially" be involved in Osbourne's suit. "We haven't been contacted by the band, or the promoters, or their representatives.

"Our position is that this is a publicly regulated stadium," said Martone. "Therefore the authority that runs it can't make determinations about which artists can perform there--or not--based on the content of their speech. And that is clearly what's happening here."

Public pressure to keep Marilyn Manson from performing has dogged the band throughout its tour in support of Antichrist Superstar. Opposition ranging from complaints to city authorities, to municipal resolutions, to attempted cancellations has followed the band from Oklahoma City to Omaha, Nebraska and from Anchorage, Alaska to Jacksonville, Florida. Earlier this month Manson pulled out of an appearance at the Carolina Coliseum, after the University of South Carolina paid promoters to halt the show.

Back in Virginia, City Manager Robert C. Bobb's public information manager Brannan Atkinson (Bobb proposed that the concert be canceled) told ATN that the Richmond city manager "objects to the images, issues, ideas that Marilyn Manson exhibits, mainly the message of hate [and] the allusions to Satanism. He's said all along that Marilyn Manson can play in Richmond, they just can't play in a public facility."

But according to the ACLU's Willis, the right to play in a public facility is the crux of Manson's potential case against the city. "This is a classic free speech case," said Willis. "This is expression protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

"A private facility has the right to make content based decisions. It can decide we don't like this kind of group, we do like this, we don't like what they have to say, and so on," explained Willis. "But this facility is a public facility. It belongs to the city of Richmond, and therefore it has all the protections that a public forum has. In other words, this is the same right that keeps a library book on the public library shelves; it's the same right to stand on a soap box in a park and speak; it's the same right to march on the streets.

"They can't book [the Richmond Coliseum] based on the viewpoint or the content of the expression of the performer."

Last week Bobb maintained that the city had no signed contract with or deposit from Manson to perform at the Coliseum. "That's correct," Atkinson told ATN. "As I understand it, there was an unsigned contract, basically meaning that it had not been executed."

"Legally that's irrelevant," countered Willis. "It is absolutely certain that there was an agreement between the city of Richmond and Marilyn Manson to perform on May 10. Every single actor involved--the promoter; Spectacor, which manages the coliseum where it was to take place; the Assistant City Manager--had all agreed to this happening. They agreed on a price, they agreed on conditions, they had put tickets on sale.

"Even if there is not a signed agreement, that's an oral contract," said Willis. "And oral contracts are enforceable by law the same way written contracts are."

If, after today's executive session in Richmond, the ACLU proceeds with its suit, the organization will file a case with the United States District Court in Richmond late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning. "Basically what we would ask for is a restraining order," said Willis. "We would ask the judge to order the city to allow the concert to go on."

According to Atkinson, local citizens in Richmond "are weighing in on all sides of this issue. We've had people calling in strongly objecting and strongly supporting." He stressed that this is an informal observation, and that the exact number of calls has not been tallied. whew. mtv news also reported on a related matter: Ozzy Osbourne told MTV News that he is willing to "take his case to the Supreme Court if necessary" to secure Marilyn Manson's right to perform on the Ozzfest tour.

Osbourne says he's suing the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority on free speech grounds, because the New Jersey Meadowlands won't let Marilyn Manson play there on June 15 as part of his Ozzfest tour.

On Saturday, the Meadowlands refused to put tickets for the show on sale as originally scheduled, because Osbourne would not remove Manson from the bill. The Meadowlands had cited potential crowd control problems, and a possibly offensive show as reasons for wanting Manson off the bill.

In a statement to MTV News, Ozzy noted that he himself had gone to court over 10 years ago to fight threatened concert bans in cities from Boston to Las Vegas, and Osbourne said he's willing to go the legal distance in this latest battle.

Manson, of course, has been raising hackles from coast to coast since the winter, but only last week did the band have a show actually canceled due to local civic and religious pressure: that was the April 20 show slated for Columbia, South Carolina.

Ozzy has been very vocal since Meadowlands officials issued their ultimatum to Osbourne, and in a statement issued late Friday, Ozzy invoked the First Amendment in stating that his tour will roll on as planned. Osbourne went on to call moves to keep Manson off the Ozzfest bill a form of "blackmail."

"I will not be putting any limits on any of the Ozzfests," Ozzy said. "I have never conformed to everyday conventional ideas or rules. Everyone has the right to exercise their own beliefs and standards. Everyone has the right to self-censorship. Nobody can tell an individual what they can or cannot say. Nobody has the right to tell me who I can perform with." the new york times also reports: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- City officials will allow shock rocker Marilyn Manson to perform, but they're not happy about it.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia had threatened to sue on behalf of Manson fans after officials began looking into ways of stopping the band's May 10 show at the city-owned Richmond Coliseum.

After meeting with its attorneys, the City Council voted Monday to allow the concert, but City Manager Robert C. Bobb said the band isn't welcome and its fans will be closely watched by police.

Manson is an avowed Satan worshiper and the band is known for raunchy on- stage antics and songs about murder, rape and self-mutilation.

The band has run into similar opposition elsewhere.

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gnr again
mtv news reported a bit more on the vrenna/finck/guns and roses connection: "Industry reports, denied by Guns n' Roses management, have been surfacing that drummer Matt Sorum was no longer with Guns n' Roses and that Chris Vrenna and his former Nine Inch Nails bandmate Robin Finck are working with GnR. Vrenna, though, has told press sources that he's only met with Guns N' Roses and that Finck has been jamming with Rose, bassist Duff McKagan, part-timer keyboardist Dizzy Reed and guitarist Paul Huge."
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smg/internet 1, tvt 0
while it's not really nin news, it looks like the new smg cd will come out. below is the letter that was sent out: Hi again...

Sorry to keep you out of the loop so long, but as you can imagine, I've been quite busy these last few days.

In any case, I am very pleased to say that things with TVT have been worked out, and Metropolis is going to be released in late June/early July. Needless to say, things moved a lot quicker than they might have, due to the, ahem, large amount of e-mail TVT recieved expressing concern for SMG.

TVT has politely asked that you please stop e-mailing them, as it is interfering with their jobs. I guess that means it was a smashing success. Thanks to all of you for your help in this matter, and I hope you like this new record that WE (you and I) made. You'll be seeing it shortly...

-Chris Randall

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blackrose is in no way shape or form connected with the sale of the 'improbable tour' shirts, aside from propogating the name and having a link to their page.
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