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| 30 april 1997 |
lack of updates
sorry for the delays lately in updating this page. a lot of things are going on here, namely in the production of the official pages. things are rolling again, so it may take a few days inbetween updates on this page. i'm also trying to hash out a java applet that would somehow utilize the live desktop components coming out in netscape 4.0 and msie 4.0, to detect updates, etc. and notify you on your desktop.
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halo 11 promos
it seems that promos for halo 11 were recently pressed, and some are starting to circulate around. it's 5 tracks and 35 minutes. the cd is the same purple as the promo, and it says 'NINE INCH NAILS "THE PERFECT DRUG" VERSIONS' on the cd. this was posted to alt.music.nin by jen: This is all from the official release sheet from Universal Music, distributors of nothing/Interscope:
 Nine Inch Nails The Perfect Drug - EP Release Date: May 13/1997
TPD (remixed by Meat Beat Manifesto) 7:34
TPD (remixed by NIN) 8:25
TPD (remixed by Plug) 6:59
TPD (remixed by the Orb) 6:17  (yay! - Jen)
TPD (remixed by Spacetime Continuum) 5:48
Just the facts: Originally written for and included in the soundtrack for David Lynch's "Lost Highway", "The Perfect Drug" was the first new music from Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails and has resulted in almost Platinum sales of the soundtrack in Canada.

Never content to rest on past accomplishments, this EP features 5 new remixes of the track including an extended workout by Nine Inch Nails (the original was 5:15). The band's fans (affectionately referred to as Ninnies) are rabid for absolutely everything available from the group and Trent Reznor. This new EP will be highly sought after by all of his fans.

Internet: http://www.nothingrecords.com

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rs 200
pretty hate machine has been named one of the best 200 albums of all time by rolling stone (current issue with jewel on the cover).
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u2 popmart
yes, trent was announced in usa today to be present at the opening show of u2's popmart tour in las vegas. mtv got him (and john malm) on camera, and it was shown on the week in rock last weekend (if anyone has a screenshot i'd be much appreciative). thanks jon and twiglet.
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american journalism
the news show "american journalism" recently did a story on marilyn manson, and i recently got a disturbed email from a person about their opinions on how bad the segment was. rather than summarize, i'll repost the email here. they begin talking about 'the most controversial band today' with a know nothing, ditzy reporter at one of the manson concerts, talking with people in the crowd. apparently, anyone who actually had anything intelligent to say was conveniently edited out. they then talk to a 'youth counsellor' from the southern US...i put his alleged occupation in quotes because if he really is a youth counsellor, then he does not know his job. he eventually states that 'marilyn manson is a bad influence' and 'parents should not let their kids listen to him'. well, i work with children and one of the *first* things they teach you about parenting is to NEVER deny your children of anything that they're interested in...it only encourages them. they do, very briefly, speak with a journalist from ym magazine (why ym of all magazines i have NO idea). she actually makes a point,that the whole marilyn manson idea is just a show, 'and the fact that he says it's not a show makes it more of a show'. they also cut to a shot of a lady screaming in the direction of the stadium, screaming about how 'they won't allow marilyn manson to perform' and how 'they won't let him steal away any more of our children'...note that this was screamed in the thickest southern drawl, and by a lady sporting (what appeared to me to be) an emblem similar to the KKK patch.

they progress to describe the band... apparently (according to them): -- marilyn manson has performed animal sacrifices and self mutilation on stage (ok, self mutilation yes, but animal sacrifices? other than putting chickens in a drum i've never heard of this)
-- the bandmember(keyboardist) with long, black hair and wears a dress is not twiggy ramirez, it's actually madonna wayne gacy (they showed a couple clips to show us who madonna really is)
-- and twiggy ramirez (the bassist) is actually the bald guy from the video for beautiful people (silly me, i thought that was marilyn in a bald cap)
-- some of manson's 'most disturbing lyrics' are "the housewife i will beat" and "i looked ahead|and saw a world that was dead| i guess i am too" (hmmm, but "you may as well kill yourself, you're already dead" is just fine by them)

it's painfully obvious, that their major source for this entire piece was thumbing through the cd booklet for antichrist superstar...there are only three band members pictured, without names, and they were told that madonna wayne gacy was the bald one (he had hair in the beautiful people vid)...and those were the worst lyrics they could find in that booklet (the 'may as well kill yourself' is from a remix). near the close, they describe manson's disturbing videos...an example of which (lunchbox) is one where a child unhealthily takes out his aggression on a school bully...o my god! the kid shaved his head! he is now the spawn of satan!

as if all this wasn't bad enough, they follow that piece with a story about a kid who killed himself because of marilyn manson. they talk to the child's mother (who seems *very* educated (HEAVY SARCASM)) and she says,"the day after he died he had put 5 or 6 more posters, and they were so sadistical that it sent chills....it gave me chills all over". hmmm...is sadistical a word? and so it seems that marilyn's crime was to resurrect this child from the dead so he could put up more posters. they show a before and after shot of the 'happy' kid, and then the 'disturbed' kid after listening to marilyn manson. they say all this trouble started about a year before he killed himself when he started listening to marilyn manson (they very briefly mention 'and other bands'). they fail to bring to attention however that in that one year span his parents had divorced...which *might* have also had an effect on the child. the child also carved 'kill' and the antichrist superstar emblem into his arm, along with 'johnny rotten' into his chest....but marilyn manson is the only one at fault, of course.

by far, the absolute WORST piece of journalism i have ever been unfortunate enough to witness.

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manson single
there appears to be an official single release for "the beautiful people", available as an australian import, it's got the title track, "cryptorchid", and "snake eyes for sissies". it comes in an envelope sleeve with stills from the video on the front and back.
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freedom of speech
texas did something bad. atn reports: The Texas State Senate yesterday (April 24) passed unanimously a bill that would ban state entities from investing funds in record companies associated directly with offensive lyrics, as well as in companies that are indirectly associated with offensive lyrics by a 10 percent or more share in such enterprises. The bill must now be passed by the State House of Representatives and signed by Governor George W. Bush before it becomes law.

... Russinoff noted in a letter to Ratliff that the "broad terms of the bill apply to hundreds of thousands of pieces of music...everything from Ray Charles singing 'Let's Go Get Stoned' to Johnny Cash signing 'Folsom Prison Blues' to Bob Marley singing 'I Shot the Sheriff' to operas too numerous to mention."

The bill, known as SB-1923, defines as offensive any musical work that explicitly describes, glamorizes, or advocates acts of criminal violence, including murder, assault, and robbery; necrophilia, bestiality, or pedophilia; illegal use of controlled substances; criminal street gang activity; degradation or denigration of females; or violence against a particular sex, race, or ethnic group...

... Corporations such as a Seagram Co. are among the targets of the bill. Seagram owns the Universal Music Group (formerly MCA Music), which in turns hold a 50 percent share in Interscope. Included on that imprint's roster are artists such as Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails. Interscope also distributes the Death Row label, home to the work of Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dog. If passed into the law, Sen. Ratliff's bill would require that any Texas body investing state funds (including learning institutions) divest from Seagram "as soon as is reasonable and practical" but no later than January 1, 1999.

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alternative press
the latest a.p. (w/ l7 on the cover) has a bit about einsturzende neubauten: "Nothing, the label founded by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and his manager, John Malm, has now added industrial pioneers Einsturzende Neubauten. Neubauten's "Ende Neu" (translated as "New End") is slated for re-release this summer. The Neubaten record's American edition will feature the exclusive track "Bili Rubin" (pronounced "Billy Roo-bean"). Neubauten will tour the U.S. to support the album, possibly as soon as late summer. Some special guest musicians may accompany the band, but specific information could not be confirmed at presstime." as well as regarding the "lost highway" soundtrack, reviewed be senior editor jason pettigrew and rated 4 out of 5: "Let's forget about "the genius of Trent Reznor" for a moment and discuss the soundtrack to David Lynch's new film "Lost Highway" on its own merits.

Fact: Longtime Lynch film scorer Angelo Badalamenti creates tense atmospheres out of seemingly benign music, from free-jazz skronk to new age-y soundscapes. Having him and soundtrack auteur Barry Adamson on the same program is easily worth the price of admission.

Fact: Unlike most "star power" contributions made to soundtracks, the Marilyn Manson and Smashing Pumpkins songs aren't throwaways. The Pumpkins "Eye" is a stark, electro-based piece that ends in clipping distortion that's more interesting than 62 percent of their last album was. Manson's "Apple of Sodom" is creepy, spooky, and altogether ooky with child-molester chortles and smiles like wind-up teeth. Their reading of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' "I Put a Spell on You" is a holdover from the "Smells Like Children" EP, but it nonetheless fits here.

Fact: Contributions made by David Bowie ("I'm Deranged"), Lou Reed ("This Magic Moment"), bossa nova star Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Teutonic industrial rockers Rammstein bristle with madness. Listening to these unnerving pieces is like watching Martha Stewart hang herself in her perfect living room while pleasant classical string quartets play in the background. With their own records, Rammstein couldn't impress anybody wearing a KMFDM shirt, but here they seem like some bad mamma-jammas.

Reznor's contributions number three: the incidental bits "Videodrones; Questions" and "Driver Down," and the drum & bass-flavored "The Perfect Drug." Best is "Driver," a brisk industrial-rock run through enemy lines. "Drug" isn't as engaging as "Burn," the NIN track from "Natural Born Killers" (whose soundtrack Reznor also coordinated), but the fact that Reznor is moving out of industrial rock's tight constraints proves that he has the wiles to remain ahead of the pack. The irony: "The Perfect Drug" isn't even in the movie." umm, mr. pettigrew, you may want to re-watch the "mr. eddy beats up the tailgater" scene and listen closely.

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cdnow is taking preorders on halo eleven here.
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hit parader
there's a mention of trent in the june issue of hit parader as being the most influential musician in their poll. There is also mention about the new cd (full, not tpd single) that is supposedly finished, but isn't being put out until trent is ready (sometime before the end of '97). strange.
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from mtv news: manson will play may 10, in richmond virginia. tickets are back on sale, and some 2000 of 7000 have been sold.
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in last week's kerrang!,there was a news item that said trent will be working on the soundtrack for the crow 3 together with rob zombie from white zombie, who will also direct the film. please note that kerrang has not been noted for it's accuracy.
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m.c. death, the eternal synthboy, reports: Check out the may '97 Electronic Musician issue for a pic of a *smiling* Trent Reznor! This is in the "Recording Musician" column titled "Ready, Set, Compress!" and there lies a pic of Trent and various engineer types (and even Daisy!), posed in front of the equally attractive Oberheim OB-Mx, Akai master keyboard, and two Akai S900 samplers (among others). Big city drool time (over the gear, not the personnel...).

The caption: "When it comes to mondo compression, Nine Inch Nails is one band that believes no ratio is too high."

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court date
from atn: marilyn may have his day in court as early as today, april 29 1997 with the lawsuit with newark, new jersey.
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yet another victory
mtv news just reported this: the american family association that this site had links to has recieved a letter from marilyn manson's lawyer regarding the afa's posting of false affidavits on their website. they plan to use any legal means possible to get apologies from the "teens" who made the affidavits and from the afa itself. cool! down with those overbearing and misinformed christians!
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i got the following mail from epic records regarding an upcoming auction of one of the self-destruct keyboards: Nine Inch Nails is supporting the TJ Martell Foundation for cancer and leukemia research by donating to the celebrity auction a used Yamaha DX7 used for their Self-Destruct Tour. Not really for playing, this thrashed specimen (complete with broken key and black tape) bears Trent's signature right on the front. You can bid on and own these and other items by going to www.streammedia.com/auctionline. There are also many other items from artists, actors, and sports stars. If you would like to put a link to the Auction on your own site go to the Participate area of the Auction site and grab a banner.

Thanks for supporting Nine Inch Nails and the TJ Martell Foundation.

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halford legal trouble
rob halford's "gimp" project is running into some problems. seems that there is another new orleans band named "gimp" that wants to be the one and only. legal trouble.
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the new people has a "people before they were famous" segment, and they have an old pic of marilyn manson.
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another book, called "nin: the making of the downward spiral and pretty hate machine" is out now too, unofficial of course.
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