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| 25 may 1997 |
mtv top 500
mtv had it's top 500 videos of all time recently. "closer" came in at 22, 276 for "down in it", and "head like a hole" came in at 95. "hurt (live)" was 384.
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the current issue of guitar world has an excerpt from a book called "the making of pretty hate machine and the downward spiral" by alan cross. barnes and noble online has it listed as due out in sept '97.
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boston phoenix
this week's boston phoenix (the weekly alternative paper) announced the winners of their annual best music poll which is voted on by readers-- nin won "best national live show". carly carioli wrote: "More than anyone else lately, NIN's Trent Reznor has been responsible for bringing theatrics back to rock and roll. Hell, he's more or less admitted to inventing Marilyn Manson (see "Best National Deviant Act"). And with his own ensemble he's perfected the art of the emotional Grand Guignol horror show.

At heart Reznor's a helpless romantic, pining over preternaturally doomed relationships, cursing the gods and himself and his lovers (girls, drugs, death, power, powerlessness, not in that order) with the black-blighted affection only truly lost souls can articulate. It's the stuff of great theater-- since Shakespeare or maybe Job. That he can convey that physically and graphically onstage is tremendous-- and likely why David Bowie, the crown prince of rock theatrics, picked him for his revival tour last summer. (It's also why Bowie got majorly upstaged in the process.) The big stage demands big drama, and Reznor has consistently delivered not only visually and sonically but thematically, re-enacting the iconic death and rebirth scenarios that are always just beneath the surface of rock's great performances. Like when that 30-foot pelican swallows him whole and the dog comes back to life? Duuuuuuuude..." as they mentioned, manson came out on top of the best national deviant act category. also by carioli: "Okay, I take back all the nasty things I said about Marilyn Manson last year. Everyone from the Smashing Pumpkins to Snoop to David Lynch loves 'em, and I've come to love 'em too. But with one condition: everyone cut the bullshit about how scary they are. If you like Marilyn Manson, chances are you're not the least bit threatened or freaked out by 'em-- although writers from Spin and the Village Voice did "admit" that they found Manson "actually spooky," as if they were bestowing some sort of honor on the band and its audience, when in fact they were just admitting how much they didn't get it. Because so much of the fun of Marilyn Manson is identifying with that thing which other people-- people in positions of authority, church groups, your mom, Robert Christgau-- find repulsive, or "actually spooky." Which is what separates housewives who read Stephen King to spook themselves from self-styled teenage psychos who read Frankenstein because they identify with the monster. Given the choice, you'd rather be the one they're scared of, not the one who's scared. And though it's easy to say Manson's just this year's Alice Cooper, Alice never strapped on a dildo, and most of the people who have, haven't done so in front of so many people who could use it."

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gnr again
mtv news reported further on the nin connections to the recent incarnation of guns and roses: Guns N' Roses have confirmed Mike Clink to produce their next album and sources close to the band say former Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck will be the new primary axe-slinger. Finck is said to be replacing Slash who left the band last year over creative differences.

Clink produced the successful Guns N' Roses records "Use Your Illusion I" and "II" and most recently was at the controls for Sammy Hagar's "Marching To Mars." Sources at the band's label, Geffen, say the inclusion of Clink doesn't exclude involvement from Moby, the techno-rock solo artist and producer who has previously acknowledged to the media that he's been talking to the band. "There's no confirmation," says the source, "but I expect he'll be working on a couple of tracks."

Finck's reportedly been jamming with Rose for several weeks. He officially took a leave of absence from NIN, which utilizes it's members primarily as a road band, to play with the Cirque Du Soleil. Finck has also been a live member of the theatrical drag queen band, the Impotent Sea Snakes, primarily playing a chain saw.

Insiders say Rose has been writing with his guitarist friend Paul Huge, but as expected, Huge will not play a part in the album.

The drummer's chair remains a mystery. Ex-Pearl Jam member Dave Abbruzzese has been in rehearsals with Axl Rose, the name of former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna keeps surfacing as a contender and Guns N' Roses management says Matt Sorum is still in the picture.

Two weeks ago at the Music West conference in Vancouver, Canada, Sorum said Rick Rubin was also involved in the project but a spokesperson for Rubin says it had been under discussion some time ago, but "it didn't work out." It was also denied by GnR manager Doug Goldstein who said in effect that as much as the band loved and respected Rubin, he would not be producing the record.

Sorum also said that Guns N' Roses had recorded "4800 hours of music" (we assume over several years) and have "15 really strong songs" which will be ready "hopefully by next year." He added the sessions were leaning towards a Soundgarden style of rock although there were tracks where the Nine Inch Nails influence was evident. He told the small crowd that Rose's new favorite saying has been "loop it, loop it!"

Duff McKagan, speaking at the same convention but in a separate interview, told his audience things had come together in the studio for Guns N' Roses just over the last month and a half, but also confirmed MTV Online's earlier report that he was recording a solo album. "We've tracked 8 songs on it this week," said McKagan. He went on that since he's cleaned up his personal habits, "I'll probably be able to sing a little fuller."

Much of McKagan's interview centered on his past drug use. "I know I was in Chekoslavakia, its on my passport. But I don't remember it," he said straightfaced. He also said he's been occupying himself with martial arts and college courses including some business classes. "My accountants are sh****** their pants."

Meanwhile Slash has certainly not dropped out of sight. He's on records just released by both Sammy Hagar and Michael Jackson and he's been touring with his fun band Bluesball. Slash has told interviewers he plans on finding a vocalist and reforming Snakepit, the project that kept him occupied during the oft off days with GNR.

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tv guide
tv guide's site has a poll up for the king and queen of rock and roll. trent is one of the nominees, in the lead. cast your vote here.
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on the trinity broadcasting network, a christian cable channel, they had a program about evil messages in rock music, and they played the tpd video, saying that it glorified drugs. surprisingly, however, there was no mention of marilyn manson.
24 20 9 1 14 19

apparently mtv is heavily playing their 2-year-old technotes segment which briefly features my page. wh00p. let's get some new footage there.
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manson cd+
victor sends word of an import enhanced cd that you can buy: In most parts of Europe, it is now possible to buy an enhanced CD single of "The Beautiful People". The tracks are not exactly the same as those on the australian version, but the "enhanced" part features the full videos of both "The Beautiful People" and "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)". The CD is suitable for Mac and Win95; it;s interface consists of "his unholiness" Manson's face with a device shoved into his mouth.

Here's the specs:


I. The Beautiful People - Audio
II. The Horrible People - Audio
III. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of Tihs) - Audio
IV. Cryptorchid - Audio
V. The Beautiful People - Video
VI. The Beautiful People - Video

System requirements:

Mac OS 7.1.2 or later
68040 33 MHz or better
8mb memory
2x Speed CD Extra Compatible CD-ROM
8/16 bit audio

Windows 95 or later
486 66 MHz or better
8mb memory
2x Speed CD Extra Compatible CD-ROM
8/16 bit sound board

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halo 11 uk
so far, no import version of halo eleven.
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dm vrenna
was that chris vrenna playing drums for depeche mode "it's no good" on the tonight show?
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good vibes
it seems that trent and tori amos have both made it into the good vibes masturbation hall of fame (by popular demand no doubt).
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mm fanletter
the newsletter for fans from marilyn manson reports that the official manson website will be up soon, as well as a color catalog of merchandise.
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bye bye piggie
according to an interview in "sonic boom", pig will not be releasing any more material on nothing records: Raymond: While it was really good that they picked up on "Sinsation", I think there was a general feel that they are really busy working with some of the larger acts on the label. So because I spend some much time working on material on my own, I think we decided that it wasn't going to work out to do any more releases with them in the future. Mostly it was because they were too busy with other artists and I expected a little bit more feedback from a label on which I was signed. So we really have parted ways, but very amicably.
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