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| 28 may 1997 |
import halo eleven
i received some interesting information on halo eleven import: I've talked to the people who press the CD's for nin in Australia, MCA, and they said that tpd should be released in June here. The track listing will be identical to the UK version (which also has not been released).

They also said to watch out for a singles box set (I guess that this would contain all the Australian singles?).

Also, while hunting around for an import version of tpd (I live in Australia), I found that there is a release of tpd in Germany. I have no other information on whether the track listing or packaging is different.

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m2 clip
m2 has recently been running a little clip of "trent reznor of nine inch nails" between videos, talking about how foreign new orleans is compared to where he grew up and how it's conducive to songwriting. "when i'm writing songs, it's just me in a dark room".
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lost highway on video
on august 12, lost highway will be released on video. no word if for sale to the general public (as opposed to rent-only) or if it will be pan and scan or widescreen letterbox.
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phm/tds book
i received some info on the book (cd sized and out in stores) titled "the making of pretty hate machine and the downward spiral": "The making of Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward spiral" copy right 1996 Collector's Guide Publishing Inc. box 62034, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4K2, Canada

Its called a compact book and the back reads as follows: "The house was a nightmare. Stephen Parent had been shot in his Rambler near the front gate. Coffee heiress Abigal Folger had finally died of her stab wound out on the lawn. A short distance away Voyatek Frykowski was found, shot twice, beaten over the head 13 times and stabed 51 times. In the living room, the corpses of actress Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring were discovered, joined at the necks with a long white nylon rope draped over the rafters. And on the front door, in big letters, printed in Sharon's own blood was the word "Pig". It was the work of the Manson Family.

So what was a nice kid from Mercer, PA. doing in a place like this? Recording an album. This is the story of Le Pig, Trent Reznor's temporary home and birth place of The Downward Spiral, the ground breaking industrial album that solidified Trent Reznor's reputation as one of the most creative and important musicians in the world today. It's also the story of how a quiet kid from Pennsylvania saw his career evolve from a keyboard salesmen to an alt-rock superstar. For the first time, all important facts, dates, discographies, equipment lists and recording studio techniques relating to Trent Reznor have been collected into one place. let the buyer beware, as it contains no real new info.

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nme wrong
nme (new musical express, a publication in england) reported that "hole drummer patti schemel will be replaced by nine inch nails' chris vrenna on some, if not all, the tracks on the band's next lp". brian celler of q prime inc. (hole's manager) says that this is incorrect.
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tpd billboard
"the perfect drug" has debuted at #48 on billboard's hot 100 singles chart, and at #5 on billboard's dance music-maxi singles sales chart.
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dm not
nope, that was not chris vrenna playing on drums at depeche mode's tonight show performance.
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halford news
allstarmag reports: Rob Halfords New Project Is Now Called Two

Former Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford, who had to drop the name Gimp for his new project when another band surfaced with the same moniker, has named his band Two. The new handle is noted on Halfords fan folder on AOL. No reason for the that particular choice has been offered. Meanwhile, Kerrang is reporting a rumor that the record due this fall on Trent Reznors nothing records will be titled Gear.

Two includes Halfords writing partner John Lowery on guitar- - hes been working with Halford since the latter dismantled Fight two years ago -- and the equally obscure Sid Riggs on drums. Other members are pending. The band will be touring once the new album is released.

The basic tracks were recorded by Robert Marlette, and Reznor has been involved in re-recording and mixing. Reznor worked on the tracks in New Orleans and now Halford is wrapping up mixing sessions in Vancouver, Canada, with Reznor associate Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie, a producer, engineer, and longtime cohort of the defunct Skinny Puppy. Ogilvie has production credits ranging from David Bowie to Ministry to Marilyn Manson, and most recently he engineered NINs "The Perfect Drug." He also produced and mixed tracks on Generation Swine, the new album by Motley Crue.

-Sorelle Saidman

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of all time
kroq in los angeles had their top "106.7" artists of all time, playing around 3 songs of each artist. nin ranked at 10, manson in the nineties. also, a radio station in oxford ohio, 97.7 fm woxy, recently had their "top 500 modern rock songs of all time" and "head like a hole" ranked at number 10. kome 98.5 in san jose, california had their "best 98 bands of all time", nin snabbing #14 (and was beaten out by the ever-so-lovable 311, bush, live, stp, no doubt, pearl jam, and a big favorite of trent's, smashing pumpkins, to name a few). thanks mike and chris and mike.
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you can now order manson's "beautiful people" single from cdnow.com. unfortunately, they don't say which version it is.
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the drummer in the new smashing pumpkins video "the end is the beginning is the end" (in which chris vrenna assisted on) is not chris vrenna.
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american edge
cnn will be profiling manson on it's "american edge" program tonight at 10pm. "meet the most controversial rocker in america."
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