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| 08 june 1997 |
nothingrecords.com update
a lot of people have asked for an update on the official page. chris schulte over at toncn.com has reported that it might not get done. he also reports that all the nin.net sites will be taken down. he also says that some "top-guys" in the company are less than pleased with me right now. all of these accusations are false, and i ask schulte to stand up some evidence by backing it up with a name or two. "john doe", "top-guys", and ending your gossip with "sorry jason" doesn't cut it. we have the plan of the site done. we have the chat system done. we have a lot if not all of the database functionality done. we have no artwork though. we (cookware and i) have been allowed to produce a batch of artwork for submission. if it works well, then the site should be up and running soon. if not, then we have to wait longer for art. please stop asking when it will be up.
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vrenna news
from mtv news: Former NIN Drummer On A Roll

June 5 [7:55 EDT] -- If Chris Vrenna is really playing with half the bands he's rumored to be involved with, he has a full dance card.

Now his own project, currently known as Tweaker, is said to be attracting label interest. Tweaker, for those wanting to see what the fuss is about, will be making its ambient live debut this summer at the Music In The Anchorage series housed in the cathedral-like chambers inside the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Vrenna left Nine Inch Nails earlier this year with credits as both a drummer and a production whiz and jumped onto the Smashing Pumpkins tour in a technical capacity. He just played and/or programmed tracks for the two Smashing Pumpkins songs on the new Batman soundtrack and also performed live at the Grammys alongside the Pumpkins current touring drummer, Matt Walker of Filter.

Meanwhile, sources connected to Guns n' Roses will neither confirm nor deny Vrenna's involvement in their project and Vrenna himself is mum (though insiders say he's still talking to that band).

Another rumored side project has him working with Billy Corgan, Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez. One group that can be eliminated from the Vrenna rumor melee is Hole. Hole's management has denied reports in the media that he'll be on their next album. Sources close to Vrenna say he is friends with bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur but he isn't scheduled to have any involvement with the group or the record.

Also off the list is Tapeworm, a side project formed by Nine Inch Nails sidemen prior to Vrenna's departure, with unspecified participation from NIN leader Trent Reznor. Insiders say Vrenna will no longer be involved.

Vrenna's on a roll with a string of hits - his last project with NIN was drumming and programming for "Perfect Drug" and "Driver Down" on the Lost Highway soundtrack. He also drummed and programmed on Marilyn Manson's "Antichrist Superstar" and programmed Metallica's "Load." And finally, Chris Vrenna is currently in the studio doing additional production work and a remix for up-and-comer Lida Husik.

Is this guy busy or what?

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hit parader
hit parader has a special on marilyn manson, as well as a bit on trent. the cover has marilyn and a hologram on the cover. in the trent article, they say that "according to an inside source" trent is once again going out with courtney love. i (as many other people) was under the impression that they didn't get along too well to say the least, and love was engaged to edward norton. hit parader's claims have gone unchallenged though.
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marilyn manson apparently appears in this month's issue of hustler.
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on tuesday 6/3, m2 played a number of videos, seven in fact: closer, pinion, hurt, the perfect drug, head like a hole, burn, and wish. interesting, it seems they've become more lax on the restrictions to play pinion.
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in the new spin magazine (foo fighters on cover) there's an article on a new group fed up with conservative groups attacking manson called "portrait of an american family association" (poaafa). They are and have been protesting the recent attempts to cancel mm shows.
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video ripoffs
<soapbox> a few people (including me) have been noticing on how much the industry is ripping off nothing artists videos. for a few recent examples, the latest en vogue video almost entirely rips off of the latest marilyn manson videos (by floria sigsmondi), with the movements, blurry camera, and mechanical headpiece, to name a few. prodigy's video for "breath" has the feel of the closer video (by mark romanek), with roaches, beetles, etc. with an old grainy feel. and there is a scarface (?) video out with very dreamy scenes with bright deep blues and very green grass, reminiscient of the perfect drug video (also romanek). anyone notice these similarities? </soapbox> thanks luke and ben.
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m2 clip
like the previously reported m2 clip about new orleans, there is a newer one where trent talks about having to "market" music through mtv and radio: "As a musician in the pop-rock world.. umm.. you're... writing music, a, but then you're selling a package and an image and a look and.. a definition, an idea, and a vibe... and, that, I think, is directly controlled by the medium to which to get it out. Umm, MTV, for example... radio... umm.. If that... framework is expanded to where it can include more things, I think people would be challenged to try new things." behind this they play pinion.
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halo 11 import
rumor of the week is that the aphrodite remix will be avaiable on the import version of halo eleven.
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not only is manson on the soundtrack for "nowhere" but the nin version of "memorabilia" is featured in the movie also.
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sneaker pimps

Having gone to court to secure his right to play on Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest date at the New Jersey Meadowlands on June 15 (an appearance venue managers did their best to scuttle) Marilyn Manson is under fire once again, this time in the midwest.

Manson and his band were part of the bill for the Ozzfest show that was scheduled to take place at Float-Rite Park on the Apple River in Somerset, Wisconsin on June 22. However, that concert was moved to nearby Minneapolis after local politicians threatened to not renew the park's concert permit if Manson performed.

The show's promoter blamed this sudden hostility on the usual allegations of devil worship, and said the uproar caught one park official completely by surprise (he thought Marilyn Manson was a woman).

Manson himself forges on, however, and will be going into a New York studio this week to record a song with the trip-hop outfit the Sneaker Pimps for the upcoming metal-meets-electronica soundtrack for the movie "Spawn."

Other combos to be featured on the soundtrack include Korn with the Dust Brothers, Filter with Crystal Method, Henry Rollins with Goldie, and Slayer with Atari Teenage Riot.

If the soundtrack sounds like it has the makings of a particularly dark and nasty outing, keep in mind the story behind it: the film, due in August, is based on a comic about a black CIA operative who returns from the dead to avenge his own murder.

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import info
possible import info from esprit: NINE INCH NAILS The Perfect Drug Remix (New Japan CD inc Beat Manifesto, Prague, NIN, Num, The Orb & Original Mixes, p/s) UK 10.49 / $ 16.00 prague could mean plug, and num could mean spacetime continuum. who knows.
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fake singles
leviathant sent me word about some fake single rumors going around: Some ass has been spreading some rumors that he's got singles to Terrible Lie and Last, and he says he's got scans, which are obviously fabricated, and he's been telling this line to a lot of people, and a few are believing, and it pisses me the hell off. I think I read his posts in Painful Conviction's news forum thingy, which has links to the so called scans, (Which don't use the correct font, and the NIN symbol's right off of the technobats font set). The scans don't even have the graininess of a scan, proof enough that they were created from scratch...Well, he's been emailing some people about selling copies of these "Official Canceled Singles" through websites, but so far I haven't seen any one foolish enough to put anything up...
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