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| 16 july 1997 |
quake2 music
the people from cyber age studios will in fact be doing the music for quake 2, but under a differentname/company: sonic mayhem. look for www.sonicmayhem.com for news soon.
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manson updates
i'm trying to lay back on the manson updates for now. i think the main focus of this page is nin/nothing, and i'm going to sway towards those articles in that direction from now on. big news and things of manson will of course be posted (as well as for other nothing artists).
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reznor plant
it looks like one of the reznor heating plants is closing: Sharon Herald, Thursday July 3rd, 1997 edition (Volume 89, Number 77.)

Hempfield Township "Reznor is rapped for moving line to Mexico" By Hal Johnson Herald Staff Writer

U.S. Rep. Phil English said more than 100 jobs could have stayed at the Reznor plant in Mercer if the company had invested in its production capabilities.

During a Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast Wednesday, the Erie Republican criticized the company's decision to move its heater-production line to Mexico. Reznor previously got a similar verbal blasting from U.S. Rep. James A. Trafficant, Poland, Ohio, D-17th District, who said the North American Free Trade Agreement was to blame.

On Tuesday, plant owner Thomas & Betts Corp. announced it would move the heater-production line from Mercer to Mexico. Layoffs are expected to start in October. The announcement followed workers' rejection of the company's demand that they give back a total of $2.20 an hour in wages and other benefits.

English said he was "very disappointed" in the company's decision. "Impossible conditions were placed on the community and the work force," the 21st District congressman said.

"If Reznor had invested in its production and experience, this issue would never have risen," English said.

He sited Advanced Monobloc Corp. as an example. The Hermitage can maker plowed capital into its plant and is able to export its product, he said.

Reznor didn't do that, he said. "It looks like it (the Mexico decision) was made quite awhile ago and they were looking for a way to ratify it," English said.

"American workers ... when investment is made in their plant, will show productivity to beat workers anywhere else in the world," he said.

NAFTA is being blamed for Reznor's decision to use cheaper labor in Mexico and export its product back into the United States. But under NAFTA, "companies can compete when American workers are 10 times as productive as Mexicans," English said.

"If we invest capital into companies here, we can keep workers here," he said.

While English focused on the company's actions, a spokesman for Trafficant said Reznor's decision to move the line was "a sad commentary on the state of the U.S. economy."

Press Secretary Paul Marcone said Traficant was "very disappointed but not surprised" by the move.

The problem, Marcone said, isn't with corporate America's desire to make a larger profit but with policies supported by the president and Congress that allow companies to move jobs to MExico and export products tariff-free. Traficant, he said, is commited to repealing NAFTA and reinstating tariffs on Mexican goods.

The House recently passed a balanced budget bill and a tax-cut package to be sent to the Senate.

"The balanced budget is realistic and the tax cuts are realistic and targeted to the middle class and part of it is targeted to small business," English said.

The new tax code better defines independent contractor and allows the federal unemployment compensation surcharge to expire, he said.

Separately, Gerald Hanley, president of United Steelworkers Local 7099, bitterly complained Wednesday that Thomas & Betts was sending jobs to Mexico at a time when it was earning record profits. The local represents 325 Reznor workers.

Thomas & Betts earned $59.9 million in 1996, and its chief executive officer, T. Kevin Dunnigan, raked in $1.722 million in salary, bonus and other compensation, Hanley said.

Herald Staff Writer Nick Hildebrand and Herald Business Editor Michael Roknick contributed to this story.

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amazon.com is taking preorders for the unofficial bio book "nine inch nails", isbn 031215612X.
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i swear i mentioned this in an earlier news article, but many many people have mailed me, so, to reiterate, maxwell covered 'closer' in his 'unplugged' performance, but changed the chorus to 'i want to love you like an animal'. thanks everyone who mailed me.
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daisy news
daisy, the recently (as of last year) departed manson member, has got some new materical (~30 songs) under the moniker '3 ton gate'. he's also been playing live with another band. there's an article in guitar world (w/ foo fighters on cover) on it.
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spawn sndtrk
some spawn soundtrack info: Filter/The Crystal Method - "(Can You ) Trip Like I Do"
Korn/Dust Brothers - "Kicked The P.A."
Marilyn Manson/Sneaker Pimps - "Long Hard Road To Hell"
Metallica/DJ Spooky - "For Whom The Bell Tolls"
Silverchair/Vitro - "Spawn"
Henry Rollins/Goldie - "T-4 Strain"
Kirk Hammett (Metallica)/Orbital - "Satan"
Incubus/Greyboy - "Familiar"
Mansun/808 State - "Skin Up Pin Up"
Stabbing Westward/Josh Wink - "Torn Apart"
Butthole Surfers/Moby - "Tiny Rubber Band"
Prodigy/Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) - "One Man Army"
Slayer/Atari Teenage Riot - "No Remorse (I Wanna Die)"
Sublime/DJ Keoki - "Ghostrider"
The soundtrack hits stores on July 29th.
also, a lot more information (including a sound bite of the manson song) is located here.
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falling within
that rumor about the title of the new album was given to me by a person on the net. not trent or any official people. he's asked me to say publically to please stop mailing him "dear trent" messages. ;)
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the spacetime continuum perfect drug version was played as background music to mtv's ufo special (during the heaven's gate segment).
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guitar world
there's a small article on nin on guitar world online here
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halo 11 uk/canada
import of halo 11 due out august 11, according to hmv.
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kh ss
keith hildebrandt (assisted nin for the recording of "the perfect drug") has produced a remix of the switchblade symphony song "dollhouse." the remix is available on the band's self-released ep "scrapbook" from this year.
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tv guide winner
trent and tori won tv guide's poll for the king & queen of rock & roll. results are here.
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here's a partial portion from report by atn staff writer chris nelson on the music news of the world web page, july 12, 1997: ....Slash said that he's auditioned big-name and unknown vocalists, but few of today's rock bands interest him outside of L7, NINE INCH NAILS, and Soundgarden.... maybe someone should tell slash that soundgarden is no longer one of 'today's rock bands'.
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some weathermen records news .. it looks like the whole nothingrecords.com page ripoff was a joke, which i suspected as such. also, something interesting: they still carry the bootleg fisted box set.
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i got the following message from kipmaxey@geocities.com, and i am reqproducing it in its entirety: Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 21:29:51 -0700
To: alert@promenade.geocities.com
From: schulte@winternet.com (Chris Schulte)
Subject: Copyright Infringement

neighborhood: RodeoDrive

address: 5635

violation: http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/5635/

This page is a complete copyright infringement of my page located at http://www.toncn.com/ I will sue this geocities.com user for libel and slander if you do not remove kipmaxey@geocities.com immediatley.

Yours Truly,

Chris Schulte


Look, we came to an understanding two months ago that I could keep the page. You said that if I put the disclaimer at the bottom of the page I could keep it running. I did that. I haven't updated the page since. TOSCN was a one-time thing, people visit once, laugh, and never return. There were 400 or so visitors in the first week, which was early May. There were now 450 or so. No one cares. It is the fucking internet.

This is especially ironic since all of your talk of being for freedom of speech. I was making fun of you, and your page, but I have the right to do that. If you can post "The Perfect Drug" from Nine Inch Nails weeks before its officially released, I think that I can make a page about someone that has no relevance to basically anyone.

I am taking the page down, not because of your threats, but just because I believe the page has served its purpose. TOSCN has (had) a very finite life from the beginning.

You are nothing but a two-bit hack trying to make a name for yourself on the internet. Lighten up.



This is a notice I received from GeoCities today, and my reply to Chris Schulte. This really has no relevance to Nine Inch Nails at all, but I thought that maybe with all the times that Chris badmouths you you might like to get back a little. I just find it weird how all he talks about is standing up for the first amendment, but then can't take it when someone does something against him.

Do whatever you like with it.

Kip very very interesting. many

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