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| 07 august 1997 |
netcaster revisited
ok finished off the first instantiation of the netcaster interface. it offers an alternate interface to this site, with netscape netcaster pulling the content automatically every week. on the left of the webtop is a bar with an index of days corresponding to news updates, and you can pull up individual days. i plan to make it friendlier and nicer looking with the layers technology, but i will do a news update before then. to add the news.nin.net channel (web channel at http://news.nin.net/netcaster/ ) just click on the image at the bottom of the page to add the channel. i've had some javascript errors pop up if i didn't already have netcaster loaded before clicking on the button, so it may be wise to load netcaster first. also, since it's a web channel, you can point your communicator at the above url and it will pull up the interface also. let me know of any major problems. you can get netcaster here, and netcaster preview release 3 or later is recommended.
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