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| 12 august 1997 |
some dolt knocked the plug out of the wall two days in a row, which caused the server downtime over the past few days. sorry for the inconvenience.
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netcaster q's
some questions about netcaster have been raised recently. first, you will still be able to view all of news.nin.net right here in this format. using netcaster is just an alternate way to snag the information, using an automated pull of content. if you have netscape communicator (navigator 4.0), you can even just pull up http://news.nin.net/netcaster to see what it looks like. it has an index of all the days news was updated, so reading individual old news is now possible. i'll make it nicer looking sometime.
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excretory tales
an interesting interview story (told by trent via shockwave streaming audio) can be found here.
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lost highway
david lynch's "lost highway" came out today on home video. there seems to be two versions. one, a "screener", intended for retail management only, contains the normal movie, but before the movie a commercial for the soundtrack is shown. the clip does not mention nine inch nails at all in the clip. the second version, which is widespread, has a promotional clip for the soundtrack also, which alternates between "the perfect drug" video, and white text on black screens (done nicely) showing names of the bands that appear on the soundtrack (nine inch nails is the first name, trent reznor is the last). i hope to have a clip of the latter up here soon.
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politically incorrect
seems that the politically incorrect episode with marilyn manson (that was supposed to air awhile back) will finally be broadcast this wednesday.
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action figure
word has it that marilyn manson and todd mcfarlane (creator of spawn) may be working together on creating action figures of manson and the rest of the band. reported on mtv news.
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i got this rumor mailed to me: apparently the new nin inch nails album was done but just before the final mix trent scrapped it because it was to "trip hop" , saying the "he didn't want an album full of closer's" , trent discribed the work that he is doing now as "goth" , this has been told to be by some reliable sources... this is very unconfirmed. i also got this other rumor mailed to me: i was in a nin room one day when a guy who says he "knows some of the right people" told me that "Dissonance" was a major candidate for the name of trents' next album. he also said that trent is taking his sweet time on it in order to reap the benefits of dolby digital ac-3 5.1 channel true 3d sound on DVD. he said to expect a DVD and CD version of the new album. he also said that the tenative release date currently floating around nothing/interscope offices is sometime around october 30th, but with forseeable delays he said to look for it no earlier than the 1st half of '98 (realistically). also unconfirmed. thanks dan, who didn't want his email address listed (@aol.com no less).
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e weekly
a little snippet from entertainment weekly (15 august edition): Nailin' It Down

Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor, currently bunkered in a New Orleans funeral home that's been converted into a recording studio, says the next NIN album (due in early '98) will hold a few surprises for fans of the band's patented raise-the-dead cacophony. "I'm trying to get out of the confined guitar-bass-drum rock-band formula," says Reznor, who's working with a collaborator, NIN guitarist Danny Lohner, for the first time. Although he's been soaking his ears in techno, Reznor says the new material "doesn't sound like what's happening in clubs now - I'm trying to make an old Prince record, I think."

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i was recently contacted to help out with the search for a internet nine inch nails fan who has gone missing. her name is "lady damaen" and a web site is up for her search here. please check it to see if you have any information on this. her parents and family had this to say: At this point we just want to hear from hear to know that she's safe/alive. She can call us at 1-800-283-3714 which is our home phone....or she can call the National Runaway Switchboard at 1-800-621-4000. The switchboard can forward her call in such a way that it can't be traced...if she's worried about that, or they can take a message from her and deliver it to us. We miss her so much and just want to make sure she's safe. best regards to her family.
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an interesting note popped up when synthboy was reviewing the 9/96 issue of keyboard, in an interview with faith no more: (quoting Billy Gould, producer/bassist for FNM, page 32):

"...(The Spanish-speaking voices you hear later in the song) are from a short-wave radio. That was (vocalist Mike) Patton's idea. He has a short-wave he takes on tour. I've got one too, and you can get some really cool, eerie stuff. I noticed on the Nine Inch Nails record they used a little bit of that too."

mcd commentary: whoa? is this yet another sonic element that Trent uses, that hasn't been discussed before? Or did Billy assume (wrongly) that it was a short-wave radio? Weird, i haven't heard NIN using short-wave radios before; tone generators, maybe. hmm, I'm going to have to investigate this... good question.

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