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| 22 august 1997 |
in case you haven't heard, trent's having his originality questioned by some guy from los angeles (from mrshowbiz): Nine Inch Nails' Reznor Accused of Stealing

For those who still don't believe the Internet is a dangerous place, we have this cautionary tale. A Los Angeles musician who claims he met Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor in a chat room says that the musician stole six of his songs. Mark Nicholas Onofrio alleges that he e-mailed Reznor in January of 1993, telling him that he was in the process of recording an album and asking Reznor to take a listen. According to the complaint filed on Monday in Los Angeles federal court, Reznor sent a message back the next day agreeing to listen to the album and telling Onofrio to Federal Express it to his Los Angeles home. Onofrio claims that five songs that appear on Nine Inch Nails' 1994 release The Downward Spiral are remarkably similar to five of the songs that he sent Reznor. Those songs are "Closer," "Mr. Self Destruct," "March of Pigs," "Hurt," and "The Downward Spiral." Onofrio also contends that "Burn," a Reznor song that appears on the Natural Born Killers soundtrack, sounds very similar to another one of his compositions. Reznor also produced that soundtrack. Reznor and his co-defendants--TVT Records Inc., Nothing Records Inc., Interscope Records, Warner Bros. Inc, and Leaving Hope/TVT Music Inc.--have yet to comment on the suit. and a bit from another publication (microsoft's musiccentral): As of cyberpresstime, there were no public facts regarding why Onofrio waited so damn long to file or how much money he's seeking in compensation. Formula Public Relations, NIN damage-control folks, called the allegations "ludicrous," and added, "We've yet to speak about this with Trent in person, but odds are he's well aware of it by now."

Reznor remains holed up at Hot Snakes Studios, his converted New Orleans funeral home, recording a record no one seems to know that much about.

Depending on whom you ask during this month of August, the record was already completely finished only to be dumped before the final mix by Reznor himself, whom found it too "trip-hop" for even his own good, or maybe it's supposed to be a double LP to be called either Fallen Within or Dissonance.

Reznor has remained tightlipped about what's going on within Hot Snakes, although he did tell an Entertainment Weekly "journalist" that he's "trying to make an old Prince record." Oh, boy. hmm.. is microsoft possibly getting information from here? also the mtv news report can be found here.

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that rendition that maxwell did of "closer" is available on the "maxwell unplugged" cd. the song is 20 minutes long.
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manson box set
there appears to be a marilyn manson box set coming out: Marilyn Manson
Gods Of F*!k BOX CD $82.99 Collector's box includes 3 cd singles ("Sweet Dreams" and 2 parts of "Beautiful People") plus a full color cd sized hardback book, exclusive t-shirt and a "syringe" pen. Release Date: 25-Aug-97
that was listed here.
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mtv vma
marilyn manson will be appearing at the mtv video music awards. it is most likely that he will be presenting, although the current rumor is that there will be a surprise performance by the band (of "man that you fear"?).
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rumors are abound that nin will be performing at cmj music fest this year. they played for it in the past, but it is highly unlikely that they will make an appearance/performance this year. all the rumors are unconfirmed and quite unusual in origin.
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mm on pi
a transcription of the marilyn manson appearance on politically incorrect can be found here.
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vid clips
the video clips of the lost highway soundtrack promotion (shown on the rental copy of the movie) as well as the entire politically incorrect episode are available from this other page who was kind enough to get them done before i could.
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