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| 30 august 1997 |
new album info
the october 97 issue of hit parader have an article containing no real new news on the new album: Nails Update: According to well-placed sources, Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor has been feverishly wworking to complete his band's new album. While Reznor's time schedule is always unpredictable, it is expected that the new NIN disc should be hitting local record stores by late-'97 or early-'98. "Trent probably could have finished the album by now," our source said. "But everytime he comes close to getting it done, he starts bringing in new ideas. That's Trent!" also (sorry for the rumors) a another claim: I heard from a source close to interscope that the new album (which HAS NOT been named yet and WAS NOT scrapped) has been put on hold due to the battle between Onofrio and Reznor. This is because Trent is apparently only finished at the most "15%" of the new album and he was "currently working on it" when the lawsuit came up. I asked her what it sounded like and she said to expect "a more quietly angry album" and that this "might be the last album Trent does under the name Nine Inch Nails!" WOW! Trent changing the name of the band?! I can't believe it. another person mailed in: from what i hear, according to a "well-placed source", is that the new album is going to be a double-ablum. it will work much like SP's "mellon collie and the infinate sadness". the title of the WHOLE album is apparently being named "dissonance" but each disc will have a seperate name, one being "falling within" and the other being "falling under". i'm not sure if this is very accurate, but it seems realistic enough to be true.
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type o-
in the publication "hard force" (french) an interview with type o negative says: -Do you want to change your style in your music?

-We already did that,NINE INCH NAILS remixed some songs of us,he gave them a style 'exctasy-techno' (???) I don't like them but it's funny....

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this source says that bowie may be working with trent in the future on an upcoming album.
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i dont know what happened to toncn. i dont beleive it was shut down or anything. i think schulte didnt pay the bills. i have no clue what has happened. sorry i cant help any of you mailing me with inquiries about it.
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david letterman's world wide pants corporation will release a cd done entirely by paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra late this year. it will contain 12-15 covers of rock hits, with one being "hurt". It is an instramental only piece that sounds basically the same at the original sans trent's voice.
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"and the nominees are..", a show on mtv lately showing all of the nominees for the vma's, has a bit featuring trent. if you can stand the horror of hearing the hanson kids introducing "the perfect drug" video, you can hear the quote: "I was aware of the way I wanted Nine Inch Nails to be presented, (and that) I wanted to have some sort of artistic feel to it.... It's not product, it's a piece of art. I look at my music as art, and I wanted it promoted that way." which was from the 120 minutes night of nothing show.
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lawsuit update
this is what mtv is saying about the lawsuit: August 22 [12:00 EDT] -- While working on the new Nine Inch Nails record, Trent Reznor now finds himself the subject of a complaint filed on Monday in Los Angeles court that claims he stole six songs from another musician.

The man accusing Reznor, Mark Nicholas Onofrio, claims that NIN's "Burn" (from the "Natural Born Killers" soundtrack) and five songs on the band's 1994 album "The Downward Spiral" were stolen from him.

Onofrio, who says he met Reznor in an online chat room, notes that the six contested tracks all appeared in 1994, one year after the musician claims he sent Reznor a copy of an album he made called "Elephant Man."

Onofrio claims the "Downward Spiral" tracks, including the hit "Closer" and the album's title track, sound "strikingly similar" to his own compositions.

Reznor's lawyer had no comment on the charges because he has yet to be served with papers in the matter.

In the midst of this legal wrangling, Reznor is hard at work on the next Nine Inch Nails album, which he says will mark a sonic departure for the band. also in alt.music.nin there have been some postings from a person claiming to be close to onofrio, identifying themself as "j" with the address "xexo@earthlink.net". it could just be a fraud, but here's a few postings: Subject: Re: NEWS: Trent Accused of Plagiarism LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT FOR ONOFRIO Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 01:03:09 -0800 From: xexo@earthlink.net Newsgroups: alt.music.nin

The proof will be in the pudding people !!!! I am personal friend of Onofrio , and time will show what happened and no matter who says what about Trent or Nick, YOU watch --TVT/Reznor/etc.... WILL NOT LET THIS CASE GO TO TRIAL !!! Its not just the music and certain sounds, it's lyrics as well WHOLE STANZAS OF LYRICS !!!! and its all copyrighted long ,long before Downward There are way too many things taken to be just a coincidence lyrically as well as musically Like I said before the proof is in the pudding, and will come out one way or another.

Subject: Re: LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT FOR ONOFRIO Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 22:15:06 -0800 From: xexo@earthlink.net Newsgroups: alt.music.nin

Why did it take so long to file? 1) Nick had other lawyers for years that werent doing their job, before he came to LA. 2) If reznor had not made it as big as he has gotten over the past two years, Nick would probably have never filed, but all these more recent interviews in Rolling stone , Spin, Details, and even Guitar Magazine with Reznor, he has said several things including the fact that he dislikes bands like bush because they rip off Nirvana and others, and how he has no respect for people that do such things.

And finally 3) I guess since some of you are too stupid to realize, YOU DONT FILE SOMETHING OF THIS CALIBER RIGHT AWAY, Nick didnt know how big nin was gonna get after Downward. I mean if downward didnt sell, why spend your money on lawyers if your trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. Like I said before the truth will come out, believe it or not I dont give a fuck if you believe what I say or not. I could tell you several things that only people like myself and Nick and his lawyer would know-- for one- its not in the claim yet , but some of trents work on marilyn mansons album will probably also be named soon in the suit. Dont believe? sorry I dont care, but i have seen the evidence, and put the music aside for now. The lyrics for burn, hurt, closer , for starters ---There are complete stanzas of EXACTLY THE SAME WORDS blatantly taken from his demo and its ALL COPYWRITTEN 2 YEARS BEFORE DOWNWARD. heres something else for you, research Nicks lawyer Mike Blaha, hes one of the top entertainment lawyers in the states. Im sure hes got better stuff to do than fuck around with bullshit cases that entertainment lawyers see all the time

Some of you like Robin ask how do they really know it was reznor he was talking to on the internet. Prodigy network has long since given confirmation that it was specifically Trent Reznors personal terminal that received and transmitted documentation with the onofrios personal account. There is also fed ex docs to prove the dat was shipped from the onofios to the reznor benedict cyn home.

Hey I would be skeptical to, and I was for a while until I saw and heard what I have. And I dont care if you think I know him or not, and I do know him very well, but Im just trying to enlighten a few of you that trent is not the Jesus Christ that a lot of people make him out to be. And that stealing this unreleased material from nick is not only possible , but definitely did happen


Subject: THE BOTTOM LINE Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 14:37:49 -0800 From: xexo@earthlink.net Newsgroups: alt.music.nin

the bottom line is this : the internet issue is irrelevant, What is relevant is there is documented proof of TRENT REZNOR accepting Onofrio's previously copyrighted material that now appears on his downward spiral album. then a person claiming to be onofrio himself has posted (from steve72727@aol.com): Subject: Trent

Maybe you're monitoring this.

I left a message with your secretary at Nothing Records. I told her to warn you that the "Elephant Man" was coming. I look forward to looking you in the eyes at the deposition.

Good Luck,

MNO (really) further, lucian x delved into some research and found the following: i don't know if this is terribly newsworthy, but the library of congress finds no mention of any copyrighted work known as "elephant man" under the name of mark nicholas onofrio. the following is what said artist does have in name:

TITL: Psycho Bob music.
CLNA: (c) (p) on music, performance; acMark Nicholas Onofrio , 1969-
DCRE: 1992 DREG: 24Aug92
ECIF: 37/N

TITL: Nine by Nick.
PHYS: Sound cassette.
NOTE: Collection.
CLNA: (c) (p) on music, words, recording; acMark Nicholas Onofrio , 1969-
DCRE: 1993 DREG: 27May93
ECIF: 37/N

TITL: Flying dishes music.
PHYS: Sound cassette.
CLNA: (c) (p) on music, recording; acMark Nicholas Onofrio , 1969-
DCRE: 1995 DREG: 11Jul95
ECIF: 37/N

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1997 vmas
marilyn manson will be performing to the best of my knowledge at the vmas, september 4, at 8pm, on mtv.
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another survey
vote for trent as the most important person of the last 2000 years here. currently tori amos is ranked pretty high, and jesus and billy pumpkin are rising up the charts.
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the crow: 2037
from www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/7343/news.htm (a well known film fact/rumor source): The Crow 3: A source close to one of the production crew has revealed that 'Nine Inch Nails' member Trent Renzor WILL be playing 'The Crow' in the third film of the series. There will also be a massive apocalyptic war at the end where Jesus & Satan appear, and both try and get 'Crow' to join them in battle. This FX-filled ending will apparently take 100's of hours to render, while Reznor will produce the film's soundtrack (with possibly three new NIN songs). A grungy thanks to 'PoisonArt' for the info. unconfirmed as always. also this was posted in reuters/variety: Rob Zombie To Direct Next 'Crow' Installment

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - White Zombie frontman Rob Zombie is set to make his feature film directing debut on "The Crow: 2037," the third installment of "The Crow" series.

The film is based on Zombie's original script. Sources say it will change directions from the revenge fantasies of the first two and focus on a classic horror style.

The story begins in 2010, when a young boy and his mother are murdered on Halloween night by a Satanic priest. A year later, the boy is resurrected as the Crow. Twenty-seven years later, and unaware of his past, he has become a bounty hunter on a collision course with his now all-powerful killer.

Shooting is expected to begin in the fall. Zombie's version will feature entirely new characters. No casting has been set.

The first film -- helmed by former music video director Alex Proyas, and based on James O'Barr's comic strip -- became a cult hit, earning $94 million at the box office worldwide. "The Crow" took on a macabre status after Brandon Lee, who starred as the title character, was accidentally shot and killed on the set eight days before filming was due to wrap.

Another British video helmer, Tim Pope, directed last year's sequel, "The Crow: City of Angels," starring French screen idol Vincent Perez. The film earned $30 million worldwide.

"I've always wanted to make films," said Zombie. "With everything I've ever done, I always approach it from a very visual point of view. So making a movie as high-concept as 'The Crow' was an obvious choice."

Zombie, according to sources, first became interested in The Crow while visiting the set of the original film. Later, White Zombie covered the KC and the Sunshine Band hit "I'm Your Boogie Man" for the sequel's soundtrack.

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cmj musicfest
looks like marilyn manson is going to be a keynote speaker at the cmj musicfest, september 3-6.
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columbia house
halo eight has been named one of the 50 music milestones by columbia house: Trent Reznor, the man behind this 1994 album's ingeniously crafted dementia, crashed through the boundaries of pop and transformed the future of electronic music. Channeling his mangled outlook on life, sex and religion into clomping industrialized grooves and frenzied sample roars, the controversial genius won the admiration of artists from Pantera to Tori Amos while upsetting political pundits who claimed his lyrics were too disturbing. Throbbing anthems like March of the Pigs and Big Man With A Gun helped Reznor win Spin Magazine's 1995 Reader's Poll for Artist of the Year, and he's sure to remain one of rock's most visionary innovators.
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filter news
from mtv news: Liesegang UnFiltered

August 29 [10:00 EDT] -- Brian Liesegang has confirmed to MTV News that he has left the duo Filter to funnel his talents into a solo project. So now it's a band of one: Richard Patrick.

"It's become pretty obvious that Rich and I are moving in different directions," Liesegang told MTV. "We've only gotten together four times in the last eight months. I've been working on my own in the studio six days a week by myself with just my guitar and my computer."

Filter was formed by Nine Inch Nails alumni Patrick (guitar) and Liesegang (programming) and soon after scored a surprise hit with their debut album, 'Short Bus,' released on Reprise in 1995, a record that has now gone platinum. Most recently, they contributed to the soundtrack of the movie 'Spawn.'

Their differences appear creative. "I didn't want to make another 'Short Bus,'" says Liesegang. "I don't think the power of rock can be replaced by a fashion statement but at the same time I'm an electronic musician and being such my modus operandi is to try to invent new ways to rock, ways that haven't been done before."

A spokesperson for Reprise says that with Richard Patrick the lead singer and songwriter, Liesegang's departure should make little difference. "Filter is Richard Patrick," says Jim Baltutis, "and I guess when you're the band, you can take it in any direction you want."

"It's a decision by Rich to work with other people," he adds, "and I believe that the fact he worked with Crystal Method on that 'Can't You Trip Like I Do' track opened the door for him to explore his options with the new Filter record."

Leisegang says he plans to reshape his material and regroup in the studio most likely with ex-Filter drummer Matt Walker, now also a part time Smashing Pumpkin, his brother Saul Walker, members of their band Cupcakes, and other guests.

Richard Patrick, says Baltutis, will be working on the next Filter album, due out the middle of next year.

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luke vibert
some luke vibert news, from www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/9242/: us plug lp

promos are now circulating for the us release of plug's _drum'n'bass for papa_. press information is stating a sept. 9 release date. the us pacakge contains two discs. the first is, more or less, the original plug lp released by blue planet in the uk last summer. two tracks, "cut" and "subtle" were replaced by more recent vibert remixes, "cut 97" and "a subtle blend." one track, "life of the mind," is notably absent from the us release, most likely due to sample clearing problems. the track featured extensive samples of joel + ethan coen's _barton fink_. the second disc contains most of the tracks from vibert's initial plug ep series from late 1995. 11 of the 13 plug ep tracks find their way onto the us compilation disc.

vibert us tour

luke vibert is scheduled to support aphex twin and the sneaker pimps during most their us tour this fall:

friday, sep 5 - washington, dc - 9:30 club
saturday, sep 6 - philadelphia - theatre of living art
sunday, sep 7 - boston - avalon
wednesday, sep 10 - toronto - government
friday, sep 12 - detroit - clutch cargo's
saturday, sep 13 - chicago - the vic
wednesday, sep 17 - denver - ogden theatre
friday, sep 19 - las vegas - the joint
saturday, sep 20 - los angeles - organic
tuesday, sep 23 - seattle - dv8
wednesday, sep 24 - portland - roseland
saturday, sep 27 - san francisco - cyberfest3

vibert will be djing all dates.

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got this weathermen update: Weathermen records, Your online authority for NIN and Marilyn Manson announced last week that they will be distributing the Marilyn Manson "Gods of Fuck" box set at the price of $73.99 with a minimal shipping charge of $3 for second day air service. They guarantee the boxes will be in the customers possession two days after the company receives it from England. They are also now carrying the enhanced "beautiful people" with two cd rom tracks including videos for "beautiful people" and "sweet dreams". You can find them at http://www.theweathermen.com/music.
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