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| 06 september 1997 |
lawsuit update
i got this message from steve72727@aol.com: No, I'm not Onofrio. I am not 'a person claiming to be onofrio himself'. I let him use my account to post a message. Take my address off your page so the kids will stop bothering me. ok kids, stop bothering him. also, the reference to "elephant man" is such: "elephant man was the name of [onofrio's] group when he made the demo 'nine by nick' that was sent to trent" also, the xeno@earthlink.net guy often hangs out on irc under the nick [pornguy] supposedely.
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1997 mtv vma
well, trent and manson were both beat out on all the awards they were nominated for. one particular eye-catcher, submlime's "what i got" beat in the "alternative music video" category. long live mtv. i also got word that the manson performance was not their first tv appearance. they had played on a "letterman-type" show a while back. i've digitized their performance and have put it in realvideo format. this is for 28.8 users, and this is for 56k+ users. for those who wish to save the file, shift-click this. the 28.8 file has very slow video, but retains relatively good audio quality. the 56k version has the somewhat-best of both worlds. also, for those who didn't see it, the muted word is "assholes".
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together again
trent reznor has completed 4 remixes of "i'm afraid of americans" and it seems bowie and reznor will be working together on bowie's new album (from jam!music): David Bowie will be writing and recording songs with Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor for Bowie's next album.

"I'm happy to be saying that we're going to be doing some recording work together next year, which we're both pretty excited about," Bowie said Tuesday from Bermuda, where he's taking a breather before resuming his "Earthling" tour this Saturday in Vancouver.

"Hopefully, it's looking good that (jungle pioneer) Goldie is going to be doing some work on it, as well. They're two of the people who I feel are real giants at what they do."

Reznor has also just complete four remixes of Bowie's next single, "I'm Afraid Of Americans."

"When Trent first got a copy of "Earthling", he told me right at the beginning, "I'm Afraid Of Americans -- that's the song, man. Give it to me, let me remix it.' And it's killer, it's absolutely fantastic," says Bowie. "It has something very Nail-ish about it.

"It's something I could aspire to, but not something I could come up with myself. I would always overload it with arty pretensions. He really strips it away. It's very masculine."

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night of nothing
the 120 minutes episode i was referring to on a previous update was the "120 minutes of nothing" episode, which was taped at the location of a concert featuring nothing records bands. there were many interviews and concert clips.
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new cmj is out in stores with trent on the cover and a story inside.
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radio rankings
kroq had a flashback 500 featuring a countdown of songs of the past. "head like a hole" got #20, "sin" #163, and "down in it" #237. also toronto's cfny had their top 102 cds of the 90s. pretty hate machine got #17, and the downward spiral got #4.
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hurt duet
on krock 97.1 in detroit, they played the "hurt" duet of bowie and trent and said it was a "krock exclusive". the listener called the station and asked if it was a bootleg, and they said it was a promo cd containing live tracks that will soon be released.
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top ten
david letterman's top ten list on wednesday had this to say: "Top Ten Things Overheard at the MTV Video Music Awards"

As presented on the 09/04/97 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN

10. "Five minutes till show time -- we'd better thaw out Keith Richards"
9. "I don't care what you're formerly known as -- just park my damn car"
8. "Oh my God -- Coolio's hair just strangled an usher!"
7. "Radiohead couldn't make it. Here to accept on his behalf is his brother, Toaster-Oven-Head"
6. "I just saw Nine Inch Nails in the dressing room. It's more like Four Inch Nails"
5. "I thought the Chemical Brothers were Christian Slater and Robert Downey Jr."
4. "Jakob Dylan? Any relation to Matt Dillon?"
3. "You little girls aren't allowed backstage -- oh, sorry, Hanson"
2. "Hey everybody -- let's beat up those snotty little bastards from 'The Real World'"
1. "And the award for Puffiest New Artist goes to...Puff Daddy!"

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