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| 27 september 1997 |
trent afraid of americans?
looks like the reznor/bowie collaboration is back (as well as that promised work from ice cube): "David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor are teaming for a six-track remix EP by the Thin White Duke of "I'm Afraid of Americans," from his Earthling album. The EP will feature five remixes of the Bowie/Brian Eno-penned song by Reznor and one by Photek, who has remixed Everything But The Girl's "Single" and Bjork's "I Miss You." The EP is due Oct. 14 on Virgin.

One of the remixes will be serviced to radio Oct. 1, with a video to follow, which will feature a guest appearance by Reznor. Reznor, who performed with Bowie on their 1995 tour, also lends backing vocals to one of the remixes, and another remix by Reznor will feature Ice Cube guest rapping." also, from bowie's official site: "I'M AFRAID OF AMERICANS" GETS THE RE-MIX TREATMENT BY NINE INCH NAILS

DAVID BOWIE'S standout "Earthling" track, the Bowie/Brian Eno-penned "I'm Afraid Of Americans"--which merges distressed funk and fractured electronic noises with a sly lyrical observation on modern America by Bowie--has been given the special re-mix treatment by Nine Inch Nails and will be released October 14 by Virgin Records as a six-track EP. This release comes in the midst of Bowie's critically acclaimed in-progress North American tour of clubs, ballrooms and theaters. Selling out across the country, the dates kicked off September 6 in Vancouver and will conclude October 18 in Minneapolis.

Five of the remixes are by Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor lends background vocals on one of the remixes while another Nine Inch Nails remix features a guest rap by Ice Cube. The sixth remix was overseen by England's Rupert Parkes, also known as Photek.

One of the remixes will be serviced to radio October 1 and a video will emerge in mid-October. It's expected to be shot in America in early October and will feature a guest appearance by Reznor.

Bowie and Nine Inch Nails' continuing collaboration on "I'm Afraid Of Americans" follows their tour together of North America in 1995. In every city along the tour route, the two artists performed together during a four-song set--which featured Bowie's "Scary Monsters" and "Hallo Spaceboy" and Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" and "Reptile"--which bridged each of their own performances.

Says Bowie: "'I'm Afraid Of Americans' has developed into a key song in the "Earthling" tour--it's become popular with our audience. And Nine Inch Nails' input has created a fantastic single."

Reznor says: "I've been a fan of Bowie's work for years and also he's a friend. When David asked me to do some remixes, I decided to use a collective approach. Keith Hillebrandt, Dave Ogilvle and Charlie Clouser all came and did their own dissecting, mixes and programming. We all worked collectively under the cooperative moniker Nine Inch Nails. I wanted to throw some odd things in the mix and I have been planning to work with Ice Cube on some Nine Inch Nails material, so I asked him if he wanted to be involved. I am also a big fan of Photek's and I thought his mix for the same record would balance the EP out."

As is his usual practice, Bowie, along with visual-art collaborator Davide De Angelis, has designed the package for this highly anticipated CD. It incorporates a charcoal drawing made specifically for "I'm Afraid Of Americans." and then i got a message from one of bowie's webmasters: Thought you may be interested to know that Rocktropolis is going to broadcast David Bowie live from the Orpheum Theatre. Here are the details:

date: Wednesday, Oct 1
time: 8:30 pm, Eastern
where: www.rocktropolis.com
tech: RealAudio, RealVideo, NetShow, ichat (all avail on Rocktropolis)

Chat with other fans at 8:30 in the Buzz Cafe on Rocktropolis and the show will start shortly thereafter. You can also pre-order the new Bowie EP, the Bowie/Eno-penned "I'm Afraid of Americans," due out Oct 14, from the site. The EP features five remixes by Nine Inch Nails and one by Photek.

If you can't make that day -- come back for the re-broadcast: Oct 2 9am Eastern Oct 2 2pm Eastern

Thanks for anything you can do and hope to see you there.

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nin bio
the new nin unauthorized bio is out from st. martin's press. looks pretty bad, no new quotes or sources. avoid at all costs. on the other hand, the courtney love bio from simon and schuster is out now, and a whole chapter is dedicated to her relationship with trent, and 'what a real bastard he was to her'. would we expect any less coming from her?
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crow 3
according to some movie rumor sources, trent (as expected) is not playing the crow in the third installment of the movie. it is reported that he is contributing 3 songs to the soundtrack.
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french page
for you french speakers out there (pour les francophones?) there is a page out there who has converted most of news.nin.net into french, available here. it is very interesting to check out and to get a free lesson!
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flyin' traps
the flyin' traps disc has been distributed, and a quote from vrenna from a press release: "drummers by nature are a different breed of people," laughs chris vrenna. "we didn't get into music just for the opportunity to stand at the front of the stage and have girls stare at our dicks. Instead, we're buried at the back of the stage and stuck in the darkness, focusing on the music. We're just less egocentric. that's why we get along so well." and the credits for vrenna's track: the track "The Steel Box" (Chris Vrenna) Pod Boy Music -ASCAP all instruments- chris vrenna, produced by chris vrenna mixed by chris vrenna and brian pollack at nothing studios photography on the album by spike jonze and sofia coppola
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the popular nin site 'happiness in slavery' has moved to http://www.quantum.net.au/nin/, for those of you looking for it.
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Friends and fans have pulled together an online auction to help veteran rock photographer Mick Rock, whose pictures adorn the packaging of the recently released Iggy Pop tribute album "We Will Fall" CD package.

Rock underwent heart bypass surgery last winter, and has no health insurance.

A leather jacket, signed and donated by Trent Reznor, is among the items in the benefit auction, which can be found at www.superstars.com.

There are also autographed items from the many figures that Rock has photographed in his lengthy career including R.E.M., David Bowie, Lou Reed and Ray Davies.

Proceeds benefit Rock and the Green Chimneys Children's Services.

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top 100's
closer was #8 on mtv's top 100 of the 90's, and head like a hole was #62 on mtv's top 100 of the 80's.
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florida sigismondi won the "eye popper" award from muchmusic for her work with bands such as the tea party, david bowie, and marilyn manson.
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daisy's case
from www.allstar.com: Ex-Marilyn Manson Guitarist Sues For Breach Of Partnership Daisy Berkowitz Seeks $15 Million In Damages

More legal problems have arisen for shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, and this time his headache isn't being caused by religious fundamentalists or conservative politicians, but by a former bandmate.

In a suit filed in Broward County Circuit Court, Florida, on Sept. 2 -- but only made public this week -- former Manson guitarist Scott Putesky, better known to Manson fans as Daisy Berkowitz, is seeking "compensatory damages of $15 million" for "breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, professional legal malpractice and fraudulent inducement to conversion." The complaint names as the defendants Brian "Marilyn Manson" Warner, Marilyn Manson (the band), and the band's Los Angeles- based attorney David Codikow.

Not only does the suit claim Putesky co-created the band's concept with Warner, it also alleges that after the band inked their deal with Trent Reznor's nothing Records, Codikow urged the group to prepare a partnership agreement. The guitarist maintains the attorney favored Warner over his bandmates in the agreement, unfairly granting him exclusive control of the group's name. Although Putesky is credited with co-authoring four songs ("Irresponsible Hate Anthem," "Tourniquet," "Wormboy" and "The Man That You Fear") and contributing guitar parts to three tracks on Marilyn Manson's sophomore effort, Antichrist Superstar, he now claims he left the band in May 1996 after being "wrongfully excluded from the recording."

The band's record labels, nothing and Interscope, and their management, as well as Putesky's attorney, were all unavailable or refused to comment on the case.

This is the second suit filed against Marilyn Manson by a former bandmate. In December 1995, former bassist Brad Stewart (Gidget Gein) filed a complaint against the band alleging non-payment of royalties from the band's debut, Portrait of an American Family, as well as breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. Unlike Putesky, who left the group over creative differences, Gein was fired due to his alleged drug use. also, then later from www.allstar.com: Ex-Marilyn Manson Guitarist Talks About Split, New Projects

Scott Putesky, aka Daisy Berkowitz, the former guitarist of Marilyn Manson who filed a lawsuit against the band for breach of contract, among other claims, is in the midst of working on two projects--Three Ton Gate and the Linda Blairs--and had a few comments to share with us about his split with Manson.

Regarding the split, Putesky, whose full name is Scott Mitchell Putesky, and is now simply going by Scott Mitchell, says it was not "amicable," as the reports said when it happened. "It was just...quiet," he says. "The first thing we agreed on was that I could keep all the gear that I used. Well, it's been a year and a half but I haven't gotten any of it. I was basically 'muscled out,' excluded from recordings, interviews, photo shoots, meetings, having my music/ songs denied. Why stay where you're not wanted?"

Putesky describes his new main band, Three Ton Gate, as "Hmmm... Woody Allen's Sleeper meets Bram Stoker's Dracula." As for the Linda Blairs (taken, of course from the actress who portrayed the possessed child in The Exorcist), Putesky says, "Me and some friends get up in cheap drag and rock out in early '80s bubble-gum covers sung by girls... Joan Jett, Blondie, Nena, stuff like that. It is quite a riot."

Putesky, uh, Mitchell, says he's shooting for a Halloween release date for Three Ton Gate's Vanishing Century. It will be available only on the Internet through the Three Tone Gate Web site(http://www.spookykids.com/threetongate/). There are no tour dates yet, as he's still putting his full band together. There are a few shows for the Linda Blairs, however -- the band is playing Friday (Sept. 26) at Dastardly Busters and Oct. 30 at the Roxy, both in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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mbm new stuff
according to their official site, meat beat manifesto are currently working on new material and may soon have a pre-album single release.
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in the october issue of 'yahoo! internet life' nine inch nails is listed an article on "the web top 40" of "musical stars who have rocked--or been rocked by--the web". the top 10 are ennumerated, after which nin appears among "the rest" listed as follows: "Nine Inch Nails -- Like other obsessive studio tinkerers, Trent Reznor is a natural for the Net. Not only does the online medium give Nails fans a chance to discuss hard-edged popcraft and sexual obsessions, but it lets them download id Software's 3-D shoot-'em-up game Quake, which features an original sound track composed by Trent."
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xexo invalid
is seems that the addess xexo@earthlink.net, who appeared to belong to the infamous "j", friend of onofrio, is invalid. i received this message from the (new?) owner of the account: Subject: Please remove my e-mail address from your site
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 02:46:38 -0800
From: xexo@earthlink.net
To: news@nin.net

Please remove my e-mail address from your site "http://www.news.nin.net" Whoever your talking about does not belong to this account or this address. Please cease and assist any more posting of the address "xexo@earthlink.net" to any other site. Thank you,

Terri Holliday and then also: Yes, I am aware of those postings Whoever the person/s were, (I suspect previous clients of this facility who had access), no longer have access to this account. I have previously checked Dejanews for this info and it has been some time since those postings were made. Any correlation between anyone named Nick ,Trent Reznor, and this account is a fabrication. Thank you for your express concern. Terri so i guess stop mailing hate mail and whatnot at that account.

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