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| 03 october 1997 |
rob halford's band 'two' has their album release slated at the end of october according to this source.
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rs on manson
a bit from oct 16 rolling stone about manson's appearance at the cmj festival: "A Thousand Bands!"

"Alternative" music's thorny love-hate relationship with the mainstream proved to be the theme permeating every aspect of the convention. Both keynote speakers, Moby and Marilyn Manson, stressed the necessity for music to remain vital. "Anything I've ever done with songs or performance has always been to make people think," Manson said in his two-minute speech, followed by a hilarious Q&A session during which he expounded on everything from rumors ("I was not on The Wonder Years") to how he felt sharing the stage with the Spice Girls at the MTV Video Music Awards ("I don't even think I need to respond to that").

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the shell on the closer since and t-shirt is the shell of an ammoniac, a pre-historic creature that self-exploded once it reproduced.
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yes that's all the news i got over the past week.
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