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| 05 october 1997 |
bowie/reznor video shoot
the people over at n2k were kind enough to mail me this bit of news: JUST CONFIRMED ----- Monday, Oct 6, 3pm Eastern

See up-to-the-minute digital photos from the Nine Inch Nails/David Bowie video shoot in downtown Manhatten as it happens!

Trent Reznor joins David Bowie for the video shoot for the Bowie/Eno song Im Afraid of Americans, for which Reznor has done 5 remixes on the EP due out Oct 14 (available for pre-order online). This digital scapbook is only available on Monday throughout the afternoon and evening at the following sites:


Also -- enter the Bowie contest and win the EP signed by both Bowie and Reznor. thanks karen. also, a restatement of this, from allstar.com: David Bowie/Trent Reznor Video Shoot To Be Seen On Rocktropolis

Rocktropolis' cybercams will be on hand at the video shoot for one of Trent Reznor's remixes of David Bowie's new single, "I'm Afraid of Americans," on Monday (Oct. 6) in New York.

Fans can log onto Rocktropolis' Digital Scrapbook from 3-6 p.m. (EDT) to see live video stills from the shoot, which is being directed by Dom & Nick (who have previously shot for Oasis).

As previously reported, the song is from the forthcoming remix EP of Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans," his collaboration with Brian Eno from the Earthling album (allstar, Sept. 22) The EP, featuring five remixes by Reznor and one by Photek, is due Oct. 14 on Virgin.

On Wednesday (Oct. 1), Rocktropolis hosted the largest single artist cybercast ever with Bowie's show from Boston. It garnered more traffic to the site in two hours than any other artist cybercast in the history of the Web.

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