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| 12 october 1997 |
video shoot results
the broadcast, reported to last from 3 to 6 pm last monday, came in around 5:45 with some pictures. a discrepancy though, as mtv reported that the video shoot was the friday before then: Reznor Takes Time From NIN Album To Shoot Bowie Video

October 8 [7:55 EDT] -- Trent Reznor took time away from his recording compound in New Orleans on Friday to join his friend David Bowie on the set of Bowie's next video, "I'm Afraid Of Americans."

Reznor will turn up in the clip, and (as we previously reported) produced several remixes of the track for an upcoming EP that should hit stores next week.

When asked about when his next NIN project is coming, and about reports that it will veer from the typical industrial NIN sound in favor of more of a hip-hop influence, Reznor told MTV News, "The record, I guarantee it will piss everybody off. No one will like it, and it will be ridiculous, and if it wasn't then I wouldn't do it."

"That's the territory we both meet on," [900k QuickTime] Bowie added. The thin white duke noted that the two men subscribe to the notion that if you anger the right people, you must be doing something right.

"We seem to have got that art down pretty finely," Bowie said.

"That's the point," Reznor chimed in. "If it's safe it's ridiculous. It has to be dangerous."

We'll have a complete report on the Bowie/Reznor video shoot this weekend in "The Week In Rock." so everyone watch week in rock this friday. if you missed the 'video shoot' slideshow as it was in progress, rocktropolis as replaced the large jpegs they had with lower quality ones (around 15k for each picture). i managed to snag the higher quality ones while they were still up (around 30k apiece), and you can see them here. the quicktime movie of the mtv interview (very brief) is also available here.

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nothing warp
word on the street is that trent has secured the rights to press the latest autechre ("chiastic slide") and latest squarepusher ("hard normal daddy") lps in the united states, only previously available from warp records (in the uk). one person wrote in and described that autechre makes blips and beeps, while squarepusher is drum and bass. also he added that prick has apparentely started work on his new album, and the new meat beat album is complete and due out in early 1998.
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i got this mail regarding anton corbijn, a great artist and one of trent's friends: ANTON CORBIJN & Depeche Mode's ANDY FLETCHER October 15, 5:00PM- EST http://www.sonicnet.com/sonicore/chat/

Chat with renowned video director and photographer Anton Corbijn, famous for his work with U2, Nirvana and many more, and Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher regarding Corbijn's new book of photographs.

If you want to be reminded of this chat hit the autoreminder button on Anton's bio page at SonicNet and you'll recieve an e-mail on the day of the show.

E-mail chathost@sonicnet.com if you have any questions.

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ok so it may just be an ordinary millipede on the cover of halo 9. the self-exploding thing did sound a little far-fetched. thanks everyone for their corrections.
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charlie clouser is in the november issue of musician.
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weathermen updates
if you want to find the latest info and updates on weathermen records, perhaps the most popular source for nin merchandise available on the we today, go to http://www.deadsouls.com/updates/ for info.
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