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| 14 october 1997 |
bowie single
as a reminder, the david bowie single for "i'm afraid of americans" containing five remixes by nine inch nails (and a sixth remix by photek) hit stores today. here's the track info: 1. V1 5:31
2. V2 5:51
3. V3 6:18
4. V4 5:25
5. V5 5:38
6. V6 11:18

all tracks: reproduced by nine inch nails. production and additional performances by nine inch nails: trent reznor, charlie clouser, keith hillebrandt, dave "rave" ogilvie, danny lohner. mixed by dave "rave" ogilvie. engineered by brian pollack at nothing studios, new orleans. except v5: additional production and remix by photek.

special guest on v3: ice cube. trent reznor appears courtesy of nothing/interscope/tvt. ice cube performs exclusively for and appears courtesy of best side/priority records llc. it's amazing, so go get it.

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bowie on 10 spot
mick jagger had the flu so david bowie will be performing on "live from the 10 spot" tonight (tuesday) at 10pm on mtv.
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rob job
from november hit parader: Rob Job: Don't be surprised if the next album by former Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford ends up on Trent Reznor's Nothing Records label. Apparently a mutual admiration society exists between Reznor and the leather-lunged Halford, and talks have been underway since February in order to ensure that Halford's still-untitled new disc is closely associated with the Reznor musical empire. There's even talk that Mr. R could make a guest appearance-- either as producer, songwriter, or performer on Mr. H's new effort.
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ap poll
time to vote in the alternative press l997 readers poll, nine inch nails is up for best video with "the perfect drug". entry must be postmarked no later than 3 november 1997.
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more info
for those curious about the rumored new nothing licencees autechre and squarepusher, i've received a few emails describing more of their material: from: mike tv (trent@dds.nl)
some info about Autechre: they make ambient/techno collages and soundscapes. chiastic slide is their fourth album on WARP records (http://www.warp-net.com) and is highly experimental, using almost only noisy samples and less melody. info about Squarepusher: he makes jazzy 'drill-and-bass' (the kind of drum 'n' bass Aphex Twin also makes.. very fast-paced and chaotic). Hard Normal Daddy is his second album, and his first on WARP records (his first 'feed me weird things' was released on Aphex Twin's label Rephlex).

from: mark reeder (mreeder@wam.umd.edu)
Autechre = blips + beeps and SquarePusher = Drum & Bass? Well I guess but they're far more than that. Actually both are Drum & Bass. . . Autechre creates amazing alienesque soundscapes with choppy breaks, static, blips, bleeps, whatever. . . SquarePusher is more organic sounding (live bass is used in many of the tracks) except for the use of square waves (hence the name). Anyway, to make a long story short, both bands are among the top innovators in the field of D&B. *Highly Recomended* releases even before they come out on nothing.

from: jean may chen (halonine@ucla.edu)
hm, dunno if you'd want any more (highly subjective) descriptions of autechre's sound. but AMP plays one of their videos occasionally, and it's sort of like doom-n-gloom ambient, with some pretty good use of an air raid siren sample. i guess mostly i'm telling you this because i've gone looking for the album with that song, to buy it, and have had no success at tower records. by the way, they are in the u.s. signed to wax trax! by way of tvt. their official web page is at http://www.tvtrecords.com/bands/autechre.html.

from: shirley taylor (staylor1@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Squarepusher, as reported, is drum and bass but he's a little different. He's an excellent bass player and makes really cool records with really fucked up beats. I've got two of his records: "Feed Me Weird Things" (Rephlex 1996) and the "Big Loada" (Warp 1997) EP. Big Loada came out after Hard Normal Daddy. If you get to check out his stuff, it's really cool. If you want info on him, there is a great Squarepusher web page at: http://www1.linkonline.net/fresh/sqrpshr.htm thanks everyone.

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