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| 27 october 1997 |
bowie video
i've spent most of the day digitizing the "i'm afraid of americans" video in various formats to be put online here. here's what i have come up with:

avi video 160x120 12fps, 22MB
still captures 320x240, jpgs
realvideo 160x120 6fps, 56k users
realvideo 160x120 4fps, 28k users

note that the realvideo streams require the new player (5.0, available from www.real.com). what is obviously recommended is the 22MB avi. the 56k version of the realvideo is much better than the 28.8 version (28.8 users can buffer it if you like). if you would like to shift-click the realvideo files try these: 56 and 28. and the jpg screenshots are random snaps that i took and are of a better quality than others i have seen on the net so far. btw, the video "premiered" on 120 minutes last night around 1:45am EST, and then again "debuted" on mtv live, today. enjoy.

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