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| 29 october 1997 |
closure (updated)
many of you have mailed in asking what the appearance of a new video titled "closure" is doing on cdnow and cduniverse. i just received this from weathermen records (online merchandise shop):


The official Authorized NINE INCH NAILS 2 pack of videos


frustration isolation and passion have all contributed to the conception of nine inch nails. With the double video set "CLOSURE", the viewer is treated to the first behind the scenes look at Nine Inch Nails as Trent continues his scathing yet sensous dialogue with human experience. The first video contains raw live footage taken with a hand held pro camera and shot throughout the "Self-Destruct" tour. The second video contains the complete collection of Nine Inch Nails music videos. These videos were put together by noted filmaker Peter Christopherson in such a way that they appear to be one seemless performance. The effect can only be described as something otherwordly and remarkable.

Weathermen Records, your online authority for NINE INCH NAILS merchandise

http://www.theweathermen.com bruce at weathermen was kind enough to fax me the press release for this (once i get a color one i will post it):

there are three versions i have online:

216x272, 53kb, small greyscale
864x1088, 140kb, medium sized greyscale
1727x2175, 157kb, original b/w fax

any ideas as to what that's a picture of? an electron-microscope scanned picture of a red blood cell? note that the type at the bottom says: tape one: features live performances of:
wish, hurt, march of the pics, and many more

tape two: features all nine inch nails unedited videos including: the perfect drug, pinion, closer, and happiness in slavery
it also does not appear do carry a halo designation.
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dead to the world (updated)
also tonight marked news of the new manson videocassette to be released november 18:
M a r i l y n M a n s o n


The Tour America
Didn't want you to see.

"Society has traditionally always tried to find scapegoats for its problems. Well, here I am." -Marilyn Manson, October 1996

The controversial events from the "Antichrist Superstar tour" serve as the backdrop for this amazing document, all seen through the video eye of the band's own cameraman. The picketing zealots, the fulminating moralists, the disingenuous politicians, the tens of thousands who came to see for themselves and, of course gazing outward from the very heart of the storm, Manson himself. One hour of live concert performances inter cut with behind the scene and backstage footage that will help you to understand what it must have been like to be at the center of these extraordinary occurrences.
for now go here for more info. bruce at weathermen was kind enough to fax me the press release for this:
there are three versions i have online:

216x272, 24kb, small greyscale
863x1087, 67kb, medium sized greyscale
1725x2173, 90kb, original b/w fax

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afraid of avi
for those of you limited to quicktime formats only, this site has the "i'm afraid of americans" video available in quicktime format.
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bowie in reuters
a bit about bowie's financial situation: Bowie Said to Be Britain's Richest Rocker LONDON (Reuters) - David Bowie was Tuesday named Britain's richest rock star with a personal fortune of $917 million, for the first time putting him ahead of Sir Paul McCartney.

In the first survey of its kind, Business Age magazine said the former Beatle had earned $868 million while heart-throb balladeer Tom Jones was third with $460 million.

Bowie, whose hits in a 30-year career include ``Life on Mars,'' ``Rock 'n' Roll Suicide'' and ``The Man Who Sold the World,'' broke new financial ground this year with a $55 million Wall Street bond issue secured against his back catalog.

Unlike many rock stars who saw their wealth slip away in a haze of drink and drugs, Bowie took firm control of his finances during the 1980s, putting behind him the excesses of his earlier years.

McCartney's wealth continues to grow despite the fact that the Beatles broke up more than a quarter of a century ago.

Last year was the most commercially successful ever for the defunct band as fans rushed to buy the ``Anthology'' records, which sold 13 million copies.

Tom Jones's position in third slot was ``largely due to his live performances in the United States over the past 25 years and a quite incredible work rate,'' Business Age said.

The magazine compiled the list by examining the company accounts, record sales and other earnings of all major British pop acts over the past 35 years.

Most of them laid down the basis of their wealth in careers that began in the 1960s. Britain's latest pop sensation, The Spice Girls, are in 42nd place, with $24 million for each of the five band members.

Apart from The Spice Girls, there are only two women in the top 50 -- Annie Lennox at 34 with $43 million and Kate Bush at 38 with $30 million.

The British pop top 10:

1. David Bowie - $917 million
2. Sir Paul McCartney - $868 million
3. Tom Jones - $459 million
4. Phil Collins - $367 million
5. Elton John - $333 million
6. Mick Jagger - $225 million
7. Eric Clapton - $200 million
8. George Harrison - $175 million
9. Gordon Sumner (Sting) - $161 million
10. Keith Richards - $160 million

Reut16:29 10-28-97

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