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| 11 november 1997 |
more closure
from addicted to noise: Techno heavy rock wizard Trent Reznor and his Nine Inch Nails will release Closure, the band's first-ever home video on Nov. 25. according to the band's publicist.

The two-cassette box set collection features one video of live material from the group's 1995 tour and a second tape with all of their videos, uncut and edited into a seamless stream by filmmaker Peter Christopherson.

The first tape features live performance and behind-the-scenes footage from the "Self Destruct" tour. The songs featured on the tape are "Wish," "Hurt," "March of the Pigs," "Terrible Lie, " "Piggie," "Down in It," "The Only Time," "Sanctified," "A Warm Place" and "Something I Can Never Have."

Shot using hand-held cameras, NIN publicist Sioux Z., of Formula P.R., described the footage as "really raw and intense," offering perspective on the band both on- and off-stage, as well as footage of fans and singer Reznor's shock rock protege Marilyn Manson.

The second tape contains unedited, director's cut versions of all the band's videos compiled by Christopherson, a member of the band Coil, who directed NIN's "Wish" video as well as the previously unreleased clip for "Gave Up," a track off the Broken CD.

The continuous stream treatment compiles clips for the hit "Head Like a Hole," "Down In It," "Pinion," "Wish," "The Perfect Drug," "Closer, "March of the Pigs," and never-before-seen-in-the-U.S. live footage of "Hurt" and "Wish."

Other rare or unreleased videos on the collection include: "Happiness in Slavery," "Erasure (live)," "Sin," "Gave Up" and "Help Me I'm In Hell." also, it is highly unlikely that the broken movie will be contained in its original form (snuff etc.), but the videos contained in it will be featured. once again, in stores november 25 1997.

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looks like adrian belew will be working with trent again: As an avid fan of NIN and the webmaster for Adrian Belew's WWW Site, I'm pleased to announce that Adrian Belew will be travelling to New Orleans in December to record with Trent Reznor for the next Nine Inch Nails' album. Adrian sent me his agenda for the remainder of 1997 and December has him performing on Trent's next endeavor. I can't wait!

Please feel free to link to my Adrian Belew WWW Site. http://web.dbtech.net/~rhino

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version 7.0 of the nine inch nails frequently asked questions maintained by dave parmenter has been released. it is available here. an html version will be up in a week or two.
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manson news
as usual, manson is getting pressure. this time from possible government heat: "October 28 [7:55 EDT] -- Marilyn Manson is about to become the topic of much debate on Capitol Hill. Manson and some gangsta rappers will be under congressional scrutiny starting November 6 when the Senate subcommittee on governmental management and restructuring will begin hearings on "the effects of violent lyrics on youth behavior."

Kansas senator Sam Brownback will chair the hearing, which will also include two others who have previously been outspoken opponents of rap lyrics: Connecticut senator Joseph Lieberman and C. Delores Tucker, chairwoman of the National Political Congress of Black Women.

The subcommittee will also hear testimony from a father whose teenage son reportedly committed suicide while listening to a Marilyn Manson album."

Interscope wants to see how this turns out before "backing Manson" any more than they already have.

If you or any of your readers would like to send mail to influencial people involved here is a contact sheet:

Sam Brownback, KS sam_brownback@brownback.senate.gov

Arlen Specter, PA senator_specter@specter.senate.gov

Robert Bennett, UT senator@bennett.senate.gov

Fred Thompson, TN senator_thompson@thompson.senate.gov

Joseph Lieberman, CT senator_lieberman@lieberman.senate.gov

Max Cleland, GA senator_max_cleland@cleland.senate.gov

John Glenn, OH senator_glenn@glenn.senate.gov

C. Delores Tucker Fax 301-562-8303 mailbombing, harassing letters, death threats, etc. will only hurt the cause. on the other hand constructive letters discussing favorible oppinions on this issue will help. meanwhile, we have this story coming from the associated press: Man Blames Music For Son's Suicide

Filed at 1:15 p.m. EST

By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Music made 15-year-old Richard Kuntz pull the trigger that ended his life, his father says.

Raymond Kuntz traveled this week from Burlington, N.D., to tell lawmakers about the boy, who was listening to his favorite band, Marilyn Manson, when he shot himself Dec. 11, 1996. Beside his bed was an English paper about the shock rockers, his father said.

``He was a good boy,'' Kuntz said Wednesday. ``It wasn't a symptom. The music wasn't symptomatic of other problems. I would say the music caused him to kill himself.''

Kuntz planned to testify today at a congressional hearing aimed at making parents aware of the music their children buy. Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., who arranged the hearing, said popular music has grown much more violent and sexually explicit over the past three decades.

Also scheduled to appear was Hilary Rosen, president and CEO of the Washington- based Recording Industry Association. Rosen did not respond directly to Kuntz's accusation but said the industry is working drugs and violence in today's culture.

``The music community is making a positive difference in many ways that don't get much attention,'' she said.``We have been labeling our product since 1985 ... so parents can make intelligent listening choices for their children.''

Interscope Records, Marilyn Manson's label, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Scientific research has documented the effects of television and movie violence on children's behavior, said Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn.

``Often we've heard that a record never killed anyone or we are casually dismissed as prudes, censors,'' Lieberman said today. ``We are not talking about censorship but about citizenship. We are not asking for any governemnt action or bans,'' he said.

But the American Civil Liberties Union argued the hearing was an attempt at more ``government coerced `voluntary' censorship ratings.''

In a statement, the ACLU said, ``Congress is determined to expand the role of government in family decisions.''

Lieberman urged record companies not to distribute music with offensive content, saying the industry's labeling system is far less clear than video game and television ratings systems.

``They should take some social responsibility in what they produce,'' he said. ``This is a long way from Elvis shaking his hips on the Ed Sullivan show.''

Kuntz wants the industry's advisory stickers warning of explicit or violent lyrics made mandatory so that states can regulate children's exposure to potentially dangerous songs. He said he had tried to talk with his son about the music he listened to.

The lawmakers distributed copies of Marilyn Manson lyrics, including a song Kuntz called his son's favorite, The Reflecting God: ``One shot and the world gets smaller/let's jump upon the sharp swords/and cutaway our smiles/without the threat of death/there's no reason to live at all/my world is unaffected, there is an exit here.''

Kuntz also provided a copy of his son's English paper, a rough draft that details the antics of Marilyn Manson,the band's leader and namesake. The band's performances have drawn protests in several states; it was banished from Salt Lake City for ripping up a Mormon Bible on stage.

``Believing that what he is doing is good and promoting it through music, he gains followers by epitomizing children's black thoughts of rebellion,'' the teen-ager wrote.

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more bowie
billboard online has reported that trent reznor, tricky, and reeves gabrels will be the production team for bowie's next release (presumably the second title in the 'outside' trio).
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cinemania.msn.com has an interview with kirby dick, the director of the bob flanagan biopic that is coming out.
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mtv 500
hurt made number 397 on the mtv 500 today.
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entertainment weekly
from this week's entertainment weekly music section: DAVID BOWIE "I'm Afraid of Americans" (Virgin)

In an attempt to revive "Eearthling," Bowie recruits touring buddy Trent Reznor to recast Bowie's twitchy, paranoid take on the U.S. Reznor does just that, making the song scuzzier and less bombastic than the original; Ice Cube also joins in ("Welcome to America/We're into scarin' ya") on one of the remixes on this EP. Only one problem: "I'm Afraid of Americans" is an ugly, heavy-handed song unworthy of all the effort. As an all-American Homer Simpson would say: "Doh!"

Rating: C

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in the newest issue of details magazine (dec. 97). nine inch nails made the 'best of 98' for music. they had this to say: Nine Inch Nails Unstoppable. The video for "The Perfect Drug" actually cozied the dark prince up a bit, only ensuring his place as the electronic era's Bowie, Jagger, and Eno rolled into one. Expect more ch-ch-changes on the new album, due out sometime next year.
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option 30
a site for a record label known as shriek records is selling an album called option 30, an old band with trent reznor on lead vocals, sax, and keyboards. the site is http://www.jamaicans.com/shriek/.
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escape velocity
m.c. death sends along his review of 'escape velocity', a book containing a bit of analysis and discussion on nine inch nails: In one of the year's more informative anthology of essays and technical documentation "Escape Velocity" (Grove Press, New York, 1997), Mark Dery briefly (4 pages) discusses the works of Nine Inch Nails, namely the imageries and the implications of the music. Among the topics mentioned in the article "Nine Inch Nails: Sex, Death, God, and Technology" are the man/machine dichotomy of "The Becoming," religious imageries found in "Ringfinger" and "Sin," the in-depth analysis of the "Happiness in Slavery" video ("on the more obvious level, Happiness concretizes cyberculture's recurrent nightmare about the imminent obsolescence of humanity...") and its relevance to philosopher Georges Bataille's theories regarding "primal darkness in the sex act."

There's more than my summaries above included in the article--the whole book does cover various aspect of "cyber-culture" themes and topics, including and not limited to music, sexuality in the digital age, art, politics, etc. Complete with proper footnoting and documentations, it is a very good introduction regarding the state of the wired community.

The author/critic has previously written articles for Wired, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and the Village Voice.

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