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| 23 november 1997 |
closure info
according to kerrang magazine, closure is not being released in the uk (at least not right away). people overseas buying u.s. imports should be aware that the formats (ntsc vs. pal/secam) are incompatible, although newer vcr's can play both. as far as a canadian release, music world is confirming a 11/25 release date. there is also a commercial reported seen on mtv, with 'a warm place' in the background accompanying concert footage, with trent stagediving.
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dead to the world info
according to bruce at weathermen, "dead to the world" (the manson video) is coming out (surprise!) on november 25. full details here as well as a frequently updated marilyn manson page here at http://www.marilyn-manson.net/.
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in the next update i will hopefully have an update on the status of the nothing records website. it has not been abandoned.
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from mtv news: Vrenna To Produce Rasputina

Former Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna has been signed to produce Rasputina, the corset-clad celloists best known lately as the openers on much of the last Marilyn Manson tour.

This will be Vrenna's first project with the trio -- Agnieszka Rybska, Melora Creager and Julia Kent.

Rasputina released their debut album, "Thanks For The Ether," on Columbia in 1996 and issued an EP earlier this year that included a remix courtesy of Manson. allstarnews had this to say: CHRIS VRENNA TO PRODUCE RASPUTINA, REMIX SKINNY PUPPY, COLLABORATE WITH KAT BJELLAND

Producer/ drummer/ programmer Chris Vrenna, whose credits include Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, and Metallica, has his plate full these days. Not only has he just been tapped to produce the female cello- playing act Rasputina, but he's also contributing to the Witchblade compilation for DreamWorks (see our story on this page), the forthcoming Skinny Puppy remix album, and fine- tuning his own band, Tweaker.

"There are so many things out there to do and I want to do them all, and the worst thing is that I actually have the opportunity to do them," says the Los Angeles- based Vrenna. "I like producing, it's fun. That's a dumb word, huh? But it is."

First on Vrenna's to-do list is the next Rasputina album, which is not yet titled or put on Columbia's 1998 release schedule, but it most likely will not be released before March. Vrenna will produce and contribute his programming and drumming prowess on the album, for which he'll begin pre-production in his home studio in Los Feliz, California in a week. The songs will be tracked in December and hopefully completed by mid-January in studios in L.A. and Chicago, although the studios haven't been firmed up yet, according to Vrenna.

So what does he plan to do with the cellists? "Well, Melora really liked the remixes she had done before [by Marilyn Manson]," says Vrenna, "and she liked working on the computer with the way it allows for experimentantion. So for this record, we're going to expound on the cellos and a lot of drum kit and programming. The songs will have more of a mood to them. We want to really concentrate on songs, making really good, concise songs." So it will be more accessible? "Yeah, that's what we're going for."

As for special guests on Rasputina's new album, anything is possible. The Marilyn Manson gang is in L.A. and has worked with Vrenna and Rasputina before. "Who knows, maybe some of the boys will come by," says Vrenna. Critter, whose credits includes Filter, Jesus Lizard, and Ministry, is recording and mixing the Rasputina album.

Vrenna's other upcoming projects include collaborating with Babes in Toyland's Kat Bjelland on approximately six tracks for the album inspired by the comic book Witchblade, which is due on DreamWorks in 1998. He's also remixing a Skinny Puppy song for the remix album due on Nettwerk in 1998. There's no title, release date, or track listing available yet for the Skinny Puppy project.

"Being an industrial kid of the '80s, there are only two bands to idolize -- Ministry and Skinny Puppy," he says, "so to be able to remix one of the those two bands is really exciting." Vrenna is also remixing songs by Strictly Ballroom, Scanner, and Reservoir.

Looking to 1998, Vrenna says he wants to concentrate on his own outfit, Tweaker, which has turned the heads of many A&R folk lately. However, Vrenna says Tweaker is not quite ready to be signed. "I've been doing all this production crap and remixing that's been keeping me busy, that I'm still putting Tweaker together to a point where I want to have it signed. It's not a full band yet."

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mtv lists
down in it came in at 289 on the mtv 500. closer made number 23. in a quick interview, trent said the following: "alot of my frustration about alot of things became a bigger part of what was influencing me to write, and it became just a way to channel alot of aggression, and anger, and sadness i guess out of my system. and i'm more inspired i think when i'm depressed than i am when i'm happy" to which matt pinrock said: "looking forward to the next record from nine inch nails sometime in februrary or march".
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meat beat info
from www.brainwashed.com, meat beat manifesto's official site: Meat Beat Manifesto will be performing Day 1 of San Francisco radio station Live 105's two night X-mas Ball extravaganza on Saturday, December 6th at the Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco. With the night dubbed "Electronica Hanukkah" by Live 105, Meat Beat Manifesto will be co-headlining with Crystal Method on a massive bill which also features DJ Keoki. Three other artists are still to be announced. Meat Beat will be performing some of the MBM classics: "Edge of No Control," "Helter Skelter '97," along with premiering a new track "Acid Again," from their upcoming album, Actual Sounds and Voices due out Spring '98 on Nothing/Interscope Records.
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lyrics arguments
from the new york times (note marilyn manson quote at bottom): Critics Assail Senate Hearings on Lyrics By Neil Strauss

A real disaster for free speech and for music" is how Nina Crowley of the Massachusetts Music Industry Coalition described the Senate hearings she attended last week on the impact of rock and rap lyrics on today's youth.

Music executives and fans across the country are echoing her sentiments, calling the hearings unfair and one-sided. Staff members for Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan., chairman of the subcommittee that held the hearings, argued that they tried to enlist as broad a cross-section of speakers as possible in the two hours allotted for the discussion.

Music industry representatives had wondered before the hearings if they were a sign that lyrics were an issue in Congress again or if the event was a gesture to appease gangsta rap and shock-rock opponents like Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D- Conn., and C. Delores Tucker of the National Political Congress of Black Women.

"The unfortunate reality of Washington is that once you get as much media attention as this hearing did," said Hilary Rosen, the head of the Recording Industry Association of America, "the appetite for more attention just increases, which means Brownback will probably call another hearing."

In a hearing at which six people spoke, including two speakers added to the bill at the last minute, Ms. Rosen was the only one to defend record labels and musicians.

Ms. Rosen, Ms. Crowley, other music-industry officials and several politicians wanted the committee to invite more witnesses -- from teen-agers to rappers to record executives -- to speak on behalf of the music industry and artists' rights. But they said that Cherie Harder, the Brownback aide who put the hearing together, denied their requests. Until this summer, Ms. Harder was a policy expert with Empower America, a conservative watchdog group known, among other things, for campaigning against explicit lyrics.

A spokeswoman for Brownback said that Ms. Harder's past job has no bearing on her present one and that Brownback has been involved in such issues for years. In addition, she said that the hearings had been rescheduled several times to accommodate Ms. Rosen's schedule and that other music industry representatives had been invited, specifically Michael Greene of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, who was unable to attend because of a scheduling conflict.

Music industry representatives also complained that requests to add additional witnesses during the hearing were denied, although Ms. Tucker was allowed to bring up an additional speaker, a teen-ager who spoke about how easy it was to buy albums that had the recording industry's standard "parental advisory" stickers warning of explicit lyrics. Such stickers are used voluntarily and arbitrarily by record labels, and it is up to individual stores and communities whether to restrict minors from buying labeled albums.

Speakers at the hearing consistently affirmed that they were not seeking legislation, but wanted to look at the efficacy of this labeling system, instituted in response to the campaigning of Tipper Gore's Parents Music Resource Center.

Another goal was to encourage corporations, in the words of Lieberman, to "consider adopting some basic standards for the music they choose to sponsor and draw some lines they won't cross."

Music industry executives particularly protested the hearing's inclusion of Raymond Kuntz, a father who attributed his son's suicide a year ago to the music of Marilyn Manson, a band whose lyrics were a frequent topic of discussion throughout the hearings.

The suicide belatedly became news, garnering additional publicity for the hearings and furthering the theory that rock lyrics can have a decidedly negative impact on youth.

"I think it's bad that they exploit parents who say that their kids have been injured because of music," Marilyn Manson, the band's leader, said of the hearings. "That's far more despicable than anything I could do. It's usually the deprivation of things kids love, like music, more than song lyrics, that harm them."

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option 30
that link posted last time is just a test site, dont use it. the correct link is here.
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from rolling stone magazine, 12 11 97, p16: "Pantera's Phil Anselm takes his Halloween seriously. Every year, the singer holds court in the House of Shock, an elaborate haunted house that he designs in New Orleans. The singer's mom manned the ticket booth this year, while other relatives partied alongside rockers including TRENT REZNOR and members of White Zombie."
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there's another missing girl. james hoeplinger is looking for this woman. if you can help, contact him sonny8@hotmail.com
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thursday on jeopardy there was a category "newfangled rock and roll" and one of the questions it contained was pertaining to marilyn manson. The question was: "This Florida shock-rock group, derived its name from a blonde sex symbol and a murderous 'family'" suprisingly enough, no one got the question right. the only attept at it was from oliver stone who guessed "the manson family".
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