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| 24 november 1997 |
closure update (2)
weathermen update: Here is an update on Closure as of November 24 at 7:00 New York time. The parent company of interscope called "universal" does not want to distribute the Closure video any longer due to its content. Therefore, A motion picture company is going to distribute it....

What does this mean for you? This means that NO ONE will get this tape until they decide who, how and when they are going to sell it.. Weathermen records won't have it, the video store's wont have it, and none of your friends will get it until they get their act together and pick a new distributer.

Length of time for you to get the item? We wish we could say tomorrow, but trying to be realistic, we are probably looking at another 5-7 days.

Worse case scenario- We don't get it, no one else gets it, you get your money back.

Please try not to call us on this. we are currently handling about 200 calls a day, plus trying to pack everyone's orders, and take new orders. With a small staff, this is Difficult to do...

Your patience is greatly Appreciated.....

WEATHERMEN RECORDS i can verify this, as formula and nothing offices both do not have the videos in yet.

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closure update
bruce of weathermen sends word: As of 11 A.M. November 24, closure is still suppose to come out tomorrow. The scoop is, Universal(who distributes Playboy in the south) has decided that Closure is to graphic for them to distribute so someone else (TGI) s going to take it over. Ill keep you all posted as things develop
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dead to the world
dead to the world has been delayed a bit. bruce sends word that it wont be out til probably january, although early december is a strong possibility.
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