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| 26 november 1997 |
closure on closure
closure is out in stores. those reports of delays were for weathermen records (online store) only. many bundles were shipped to stores in time for the 11/25 release date, and many people have wrote in saying they've got it. but there was a change of distributor (from uni to trimark), which may cause some delays in some areas. in canada, looks like most places will have it 12/2. i also got this word regarding canada: Closure was reviewed and is now banned for sale in Ontario, Canada. It will not be available at ANY time here. I work for Sam the Record Man, a national music chain and we recieved the fax today.

Again, Closure is BANNED FOR SALE in Ontario, Canada. in america, people have reported buying the video for as low as $18 (tower records seems to be a good bet). thanks for everyone mailing in.

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