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| 20 february 1998 |
nin news
despite the fact that there is no real pressing news lately, seems like salvation news has semi-daily news updates and more manson content.
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a local radio station, fm 101.1 (in this writers' city) is reporting that trent reznor has confirmed his headlining lollapoloza -- reportedly, he was originally invited hoping to boost sagging popularity of the event.
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finck / gnr
the march 5 issue of rolling stone (rs781) lists ex-nine inch nails guitarist robin finck as "a full-time member" of guns n' roses. perhaps this will clear up some of the questions about his status and the possiblity of him performing on a future nine inch nails tour.
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vrenna events
four chris vrenna news bits, first seal: Expect Seal's next album to ROCK. Well, at least one song might rock, that is. Nine Inch Nails alumus Chris Vrenna is laying down drums for at least one song on the not- yet- titled album due on Warner Bros. whenever it's finished. The song is titled "I Have Lost My Faith," according to Vrenna's management. No further word on Seal's album, since the powers that be at Warner Bros. don't know the title, who's on it, who's producing it, or when it's coming out. and this side project too: Chris Vrenna & Sublime's Eric Wilson Play With Ex-Indians Singer

The former lead singer of the short- lived band the Indians, Angelique Bianca, is currently in the studio with producer Dave Jerden (Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, Stabbing Westward) working on her debut solo album for Red Ant Entertainment. Helping her out a bit are Chris Vrenna on drums and Eric Wilson of Sublime on bass on a few tracks.

Vrenna, whose credits include Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, and Rasputina, plays on the songs "Number" and "What Love Is." Wilson plays on "James a Junkie." Meanwhile, Jerden, who produced the Indians' only album, 1993's Indianism on Polydor, is producing three songs on the record: "Ruby," "I Wish I Could Go to Paris," and "Losing Your Way."

In addition, Automator of Dr. Octagon fame also lent a production hand to the song "Sleep All Day." Other producers include Carmen Rizzo (who worked with Trevor Horn on Seal albums) and Rich Kostey (Pavement, Philip Glass), and Bianca co-produced the not- yet- titled album, which is tentatively due in late May. Bianca will likely just use Angelique for her name on the album.

Indianism featured three songs that ended up in successful movies -- "Bed of Roses" appeared in Reality Bites, and "I Love the World" and "Look Up to the Sky" was in Kalifornia. from allstarmag. also this bit from mtv news: 2.15.98 16:00 Chris Vrenna Reworking Green Day's "Brain Stew" For EDT "Godzilla"

[GREEN DAY] Studio sources are reporting that former Nine Inch Nails drummer/programmer Chris Vrenna is in an L.A. Green Day facility reworking Green Day's "Brain Stew" for the soundtrack to the much heralded Godzilla movie due in May.

The song is not a standard remix, says a source close to the project. Vrenna is adding new elements which are being produced, edited and programmed into the original song. "Brain Stew" was originally on Green Day's 1995 "Insomniac" album. Godzilla soundtrack coordinator Peter Afterman will not confirm any specific artists for the film, but he will say that most of the 14 or 15 tracks that will be on the album are courtesy of multi-platinum artists. Afterman's previous projects include Howard Stern's Private Parts and the recent Robert Duvall offering, "The Apostle."

Most of the tracks are also reported to be original songs with the Green Day reworking a notable exception. Previous media reports had Jamiroquai making a pitch for the lead track, but from all indications, their involvement is still not confirmed. Off the record sources close to the band say they are still negotiating. and this final mtv news bit: 2.19.98 16:00 EDT Vrenna Programming Hole

[HOLE] After reporting that former NIN programmer/drummer Chris Vrenna was in the studio re-working a version Courtney of Green Day's "Brain Stew" for the Godzilla Love soundtrack comes word that Vrenna is also programming the new Hole record.

Sources say Vrenna is in Los Angeles about to begin work on six songs from the Hole project as the band continues to record in New York with producer Michael Beinhorn.

Vrenna just finished producing, programming and performing on a new CD for Rasputina, and he's recently completed sessions for at least one song on the new Seal album under the auspices of top producer Danny Saber. He's also rumored to be working on a remix for a pending album from industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy.

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hit parader
the (often erroneous) magazine hit parader has reported that the new album is called 'dissonance'.
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halford interview
mtv posted bits of their interview last week with rob halford: ...This time out, Halford has teamed with guitarist John Lowery and executive producer Trent Reznor for Two's debut album, "Voyeurs," which arrives next month courtesy of Reznor's Nothing Records....

When MTV News sat down with Halford recently, he spoke about Two's new sound, Reznor's influence on the project, and his Priest days.

Oh yeah, he also told us he was gay. Enjoy.

MTV NEWS: How did you meet Trent Reznor and how did you came to work with each other?

HALFORD: Well, I'm a Mardis Gras freak and I go to New Orleans every year, like I'll be doing this February, and Trent has his studio there, has a home there now of course. I was being shown around the city by some friends and we passed his studio and they suggested why don't you knock on the door and say hi. I don't do things like that. I get starstruck like everybody else and I have the utmost respect for Trent Reznor. I think he's a extremely talented visionary individual.

So it took about two or three rides around the studio before I got the guts to knock on the door, which I did, and Dave "The Rave" Ogilvie answered and introduced himself to me and took me for a trip around the studio. And about thirty minutes later, Reznor showed up and it was the first time we ever met each other. We just seemed to click, I don't know, I mean we're both from very different musical backgrounds, but we shared some time together.

He asked me what I was doing musically. I'd got some demos. He asked if he could hear them and we sat in the studio and listened to two or three tracks, and that was the end of the day. Then I went back to Phoenix a few days later and didn't hear anything from Reznor for a few weeks, months, and then he calls me up out of the blue with this conversation on the ideas that he was getting, the visions that he was getting from the demos that he'd been left with. And would I like a record deal. Yes please. And what about collaborating on taking this music to another level, and it was just a really amazing thing to hear and to consider.

So, I went back to New Orleans and we worked on his idea of a blueprint of where to take these demos to. And once we got the direction we took off up to Vancouver, Dave Ogilvie and myself, and some other incredibly talented people. So we reinvented itself, remodeled or however you want to call it, you know. It just, took on a whole new different feel and direction.

MTV NEWS: How did the direction change with Trent on board? And what did he really bring to the project once he came aboard?

HALFORD: I guess he just consumes music like an animal, you know? He just feasts on music 24 hours a day. He's constantly listening and exploring and using his own imagination, I guess, when he hears things, as was the case with the original demos of Two. I'm sure that as he lived with them and got to know them he was just hearing things beyond that moment and there's not many people who can do that effectively, and give something such a brand new feel and brand new approach. We've not really talked about that side of it, you know. He's an intensely private person and my relationship with Trent is purely a musical one. He's just been able to take the seeds of the idea and make them grow into something very special. And boy it did change. I think a good 80, 90 percent of the work came from his idea for taking this music forward. thanks kall.

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marilyn manson appeared on david letterman last night (with the cbs evening orchestra playing 'hurt' afterwards) promoting his book "the long hard road out of hell".
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